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2/25/13 9:23 P

Hello Kate,

I liked Jessaelinn's suggestions of taking time to appreciate all the things that are beautiful and will add all the things that are working in your life. We would love to have you join us on the Daily Gratitude thread.

Success with adopting this lasting healthy lifestyle include perseverance, even when you hit those bumps in the road. Leave those slip ups in your rear view mirror and move on. Every choice is fresh and new and an opportunity to make that healthy choice that emoticon adds up to an overall healthy lifestyle.

(I agree with your mother on the wisdom of vegetarianism)

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2/25/13 9:08 P

There's nothing wrong with falling off the bandwagon repeatedly. There are things we have to struggle with every day, and every day wish we didn't do or say something. What matters is that you recognize that the struggle you are in is worth the rewards you'll gain for fighting. Keep fighting. A friend of mine lost her friend recently in October. I notice that she continues to find enjoyment over the little fun and happy things in life-- So, slow down. Soak life in, you are loved, and the person who can love you most is YOU. Focus on the beauty of this life we have. The sunrise, the clouds in the sky, children playing, teenagers flirting ( which I think is quite entertaining and funny), a bird hopping around on grass and pecking for food, a spider hanging in its spiderweb/weaving, the budding spring flowers growing and on and on.

Wishing you comfort in your time of loss. emoticon

2/25/13 8:37 P

The back story for me is that I'm fairly lazy when it comes to food so I was always thin in high school because my mom is extremely healthy and a vegetarian and I only ate what was around the house. I'm in my 3rd year of college and since then I have lost a friend to addiction, suffered through an abusive relationship, and tacked on a lot of school/work related stress all equaling about 17 lbs. I feel so far away from my goals and my willpower just keeps lessening every day. Today was especially hard as it was the anniversary of the disappearance of a classmate (who was found dead several days later) of mine from high school. I went 300 calories over my limit. I used to say "tomorrow will be different" but now I feel like I've lied to myself too many times. Ugh.

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