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3/10/13 1:46 P

ONLINEASLLOU - I've seen that video a hundred times, and it never ceases to make me cry. ;)

Although it looks like that link is someone ripping off the video... here's the original: There's also a link to the extended version in the comments of that one.

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3/10/13 11:33 A

You need to view this clip. I'll bet this guy didn't feel good when he started, either. But he tried.

As others have said, just do what you can. But do it regularly and gradually, you will get a little stronger and more limber. Then you will be able to do a little more.

Track what you eat. Until you do, you will never know whether you are eating well or not. Even if you only track for a week or so, it will give you valuable information. I fought tracking -- I just didn't want to do it. So I finally decided to try it "just for a week." That was 2 years ago and I am still tracking -- because it works.

Good luck to you.

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There are hormomes that help to keep people over weight. The Gherlin hormones regulate your appetite, they are based on your existing fat. So if you have a high fat percentage then these are high. The gherlin hormones will produce more fat. There are leptin hormones that regulate your satity and make you feel full. They keep you from getting humgry. When you do exercise your body produces these hormones.If you eat small meals all day and not fatty or sugary foods your body produces the leptin hormones. When you starve and go without eating your body produces the gherlin hormones that increase your appetite. So the bottom line is you might be starving yourself and creating the appetite hormones that produce fat. When you eat you increase your metabolism that helps burn fat and helps you to exercise.

I did this for many years and never understood how I could go all day without eating. Do a strenuous workout at the gym and then eat a small meal and still gain weight. Once I started eating small regular meals my body buned the fat and I had much more energy top do my workout.

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The fact of the matter is... you may *think* you don't eat that much, but the reality is that most likely you DO. It's not lack of exercise that makes us overweight; there are plenty of inactive people who do not get fat. What makes us overweight is eating too much. If you'd talked to me two years ago, I would have told you the same thing. But knowing what I know now, I understand that wasn't true then. I was probably eating an average of 2700-3000 calories a day most days. The fact that I wasn't 400 lbs is nothing short of a miracle. The truth is that only 11% of Americans actually know how much they're eating, and honestly, if you're not tracking, you're likely not one of them.

Start where you are. So you can't exercise? Well, it's time to focus on where weight loss happens anyway: diet.

Start tracking your food using the SP nutrition tracker. Track for a week, and by track I mean really track. WEigh and measure everything. Use your measuring cups, get a kitchen scale if you don't have one yet, and use it. Don't worry about "dieting" or any of that. Before you know where you're going, you have to know where you are, right?

So track for a week. Get a real picture of what you're actually eating. And I mean track every sip, every bite. Even one cookie can cost more than you think... did you know that TWO oreo cookies are 150 calories? I was surprised myself when I found that out. ;)

Also check out this awesome Portion Distortion quiz... it'll give you a good idea of how big a real serving size is, and how much you're eating. When you find out how large a 3 oz serving of meat is, that 12 oz monster at Outback doesn't look quite so appetizing anymore. ;)

(Okay, it really does, but you learn to eat less of it! And save some for later!)

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3/9/13 5:23 P

You have to treat this like a job- your health has to be the number one most important thing just like getting your bachelors or going to work. You said yourself that there are things you can do. Use that gym membership- do they have aqua aerobics? That is a great place to start with arthritis. I go to the gym on my way home from work- if I waited until I got home then had to pack up and head back out I wouldn't do it half the time. Now it is part of my daily routine.

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3/9/13 2:33 P

I would also like to point out on the sparkpeople homepage unday today's top stories there is a video for a seated workout, just thought it may be something you'd like to try

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3/7/13 10:31 P

Also whenever exercising crosses your mind JUST DO IT, when you start to think about doing it, you will probably end up not doing it. If you have the time, go get ready and put on your tennis shoes without giving yourself time to think about it because that is when you will end up finding a reason not to.

Sometimes i decide to exercise and i sit there for a while after thinking about it, then i end up not doing it. So now i just wake up, work out, and get it over with. You'll be proud of yourself afterwards.

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Thank you so much for your post and inspirational story. There are other frustrating emotional issues that go along with my years of gaining weight, and I know that I have found solace in my uncontrolled eating over the years. Now is probably the hardest part when the children are grown and self sufficient, and I can work on me. I'm 2 classes away from finally earning a long time coming Bachelor's degree. I can say that there is nothing stopping me from getting to the me I want to me (well except for trying to get through the chronic pain issue). I have never been a lazy person, but the affliction of darn near debilitating arthritis has made me feel that way. I have belonged to this gym for a long time; I am happy to actually start making my plans to actually take part in their activities, especially the warm water pool. I had my physical therapy there after my last hip replacement in June, and I noticed then that there were many exercise machines that maybe I could start on. I know I will get there, it just will take hard work which I've never shied away from. I've just never worked hard on me. Thanks again for your post, and I look forward to learning more from everyone on SP. :)

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3/7/13 10:24 P

Before you start an exercise routine maybe try doing some hip strengthening (you can find them on google or youtube) and stretching exercises for a couple of weeks before you start, I would also accompany that with starting to eat healthier. Maybe even try some yoga or pilates, if you can handle it step aerobics would also be more low impact. You can get your body use to moving certain ways before you shock it with a tough workout. That will also help so your not insanely sore after your workouts. It may sound like excuses but nobody knows what its like in your shoes and your here asking for advice so it shows you want to change your just trying to get started, and thats the first step :)

This doesn't come easy to ANYONE and small steps are better than no steps at all, you just need to work your way up. Find a workout that is somewhat challenging but does not cause intense pain or make you uncomfortable. If you can find one within your comfort range you can stick with that and slowly work your way up.

Hope i helped, if you ever need any advice or motivational ideas just message me! Have a nice night!

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I understand your belief of my making excuses; I'm sure it sounds that way, and probably looks that way to many. It's not fun to be in pain on a continual basis, and I would not wish it on anyone. It is difficult, and fortunately for me a couple of my docs understand the catch 22 I'm in. Osteoarthritis 25 years too early has taken its toll. I mentally know what I need to do - I need help trying to get the motivation to continue. I'm glad you don't have asthma anymore, and I hope when I succeed at this venture that my pain goes away (which by the way the doctor does not understand how I am able to be erect so this pain is verifiable by x-ray/MRI. I will get there, just need to have faith in myself. Want it real bad? You have NO idea - overweight all of my life. It just is not that easy for some of us to strip down to our reality. Continued success to you...and thanks for your post.

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3/7/13 7:39 P

So how much of this weight and how many excuses are you going to pack around for the rest of your life............? you have to want this real bad to make it happen. You have to hate being that over weight to change it. The will to do it comes with inside yourself. I do know that some of your health problems will be better when some of the weight comes off. I lost 60 lbs......and don't have asthma any more. I sure would try that pool. It's easy on your joints and is a good place to start. Good luck in this......... emoticon

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3/7/13 1:04 P

I was in your situation just last September. I'm 50, 5'3", down to 153 (from 208), and I have arthritis in my back (which pales in comparison to four hip replacements and the need for back surgery!). And, well, I'm LAZY. I was the queen of "I'm tired," "my back hurts," "I don't have time," and lots of other excuses. And swimming? My waist-length hair was too much trouble to dry and I hated getting my hair wet.

And then I joined the gym.

I found I absolutely LOVED the cycling classes! SO MUCH FUN! I can "sit" and exercise! (And now I'm strong enough to get out of the saddle and stand when the rest of the class does!) OK, not so much a fan of sweat on my face, but my son (a triathlete) got me a sweat band...I don't care if I look like an 80's reject, it makes SUCH a difference to keep me very comfortable through the whole class. I've also met a number of friends, and it's so much fun to go to see them every week.

And the core exercise class...a total favorite. I walked in and was the YOUNGEST in the class. One lovely elderly lady introduced herself, helped me get the equipment set up, and proceeded to absolutely DUST me when doing crunches! She keeps track of me, and introduced me to the rest of the regulars in the class. I'm going twice a week to that class. If I miss, I have to explain myself to my new friends! :)

And swimming... My hubby and son love swimming. Not me. Hair, wet face, water in between me and air for breathing...let's not EVEN talk swimsuits. Not gonna do it. Well, I got swim lessons for Christmas, along with a silicone swim cap and a quality pair of goggles. The goggles REALLY fit well and don't leak, keeping water out of my eyes and taking care of the wet face part. The silicone cap keeps my hair fairly dry, so I don't have to wash my hair if I don't want to (just a quick dry because it's a bit damp). Add just one swim lesson from an incredibly supportive coach, and now I'm absolutely LOVING lap swimming! I don't care how I look in a swimsuit (it's not pretty...)! I *FEEL* so much better when I finish!

And that's the thing. At first, I came home *whipped.* SOOOO tired. And SORE! That lasted a couple of weeks. But the first couple of classes, I met some people, and I just HAD to go back, because they expected me to! So I kept going. And something strange happened: as the muscle soreness eased, the arthritis pain in my back went away. GONE. (Mine is mild) I started getting more energy. Now, if I miss more than my rest day, I get restless and WANT to exercise. I NEVER would have thought I would WILLINGLY spend 8 hours a week in the gym. Heck, I didn't want to spend the FIRST hour in a gym!

Not a fan of lap swimming? The ladies (and a couple of men) seem to LOVE the water aerobics class. They are all so social, not just directly before and after class, but coming early and staying late, hanging around the locker room and having a blast.

Swimming has some draws that, for me, make it a preferable exercise. It's in water, and even warm water is very refreshing, as opposed to feeling hot, sweaty, and drained when finishing other exercises. Being immersed in water also eliminates feeling sweaty during the exercise, and eliminates embarrassing sweat stains. OK, you have to put on a bathing suit...but you can use shorts and a t-shirt if it makes you more comfortable. And once you see some of the others in their suits, you'll realize that since you spend so much time in the water, you really don't need to worry about what your body looks like! Saving the best for last, the water supports you. You're buoyant, making you feel much lighter and more agile than on land. You feel like you can do more. You feel younger, healthier, and freer in the pool.

Make a deal with yourself. Go to the gym just once in the next week*. Post back what you did...even if it's show up, look at the bulletin board and become overwhelmed and leave. Hopefully you'll do something...take a class (even if you wind up spending a lot of the class just catching your breath), walk a few laps in the lap pool, or walk for 15 minutes on the treadmill. Do what YOU feel comfortable with (and don't worry, nobody is watching or judging you on your weight, condition, or skill -- they're more concerned with finishing their workout!). Many gyms offer a session or two where a staff member will go over the machines with you, maybe take them up on that. Whatever you do, post back what you do. Then we can help motivate you to go again. And again. And again.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Take that first step this week. You've got lots of encouragement! Go for it! You can do it!

*I'm assuming that you've already checked with your doctor as you've got lots of extenuating circumstances. Do what you're cleared to do, but most doctors will prescribe exercise that studies show can work better than pain meds (my son, the pre-med student, has repeatedly referenced them to me and my mom -- I believe it now, and we're trying to get my mom to her prescribed physical therapy).

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3/7/13 12:53 P

I agree with the other posters, and I would like to add this. STOP expecting failure. Words like "I'm afraid, I can't, I don't think I can..etc" are setting you up for the failure you wish to avoid. After work, say to yourself, "I am going to the pool today, and I am going to enjoy it". I love to exercise and my energy level is increasing each time I do".

When we change our words, we change our lives. Begin your journey with positive words, over your body, your mind. Tell your body what you want it to do. Be Blessed as you jump into the pool of abundant living! You're gonna make it.

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3/7/13 12:41 P

Losing weight is more about what/how much we eat, rather than what we do (exercise). Do you use the Nutrition Tracker here on Spark? Do you weigh or measure your food? I used to think I wasn't eating all that bad, until I started measuring my food and tracking what I ate-- what an eye-opener!!

As for the exercise-- I think with the issues you have going on, the best place to start would be having a discussion with your doctor. He knows your medical history and would be the best one to advise you on what you should or shouldn't be doing. Especially in light of the need for back surgery-- a bunch of random "laypeople" here on Spark really could accidentally steer you in the wrong direction.

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3/7/13 12:40 P

The pool sounds nice .. would it be easier to go in the morning when you have more energy?

If not that, then all I can say is I've always believed in starting exercise that you should go for whatever you can think of that is the absolute easiest for you to handle mentally. For me that's always been walking, since I could just put on my shoes and bam I'm already on my way. I don't have any insights into what would be easiest for you in your situation, but I'm sure others will be along with suggestions. I know there's people here who have started with as little as ten minutes with light arm weights while sitting in a chair and gone on to great success. At the beginnign it's more about the doing -- anything -- than about what you do.

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3/7/13 12:37 P

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

I completely understand being tired after work. I work as an addictions counselor and when I am done with work I am exhausted- emotionally and physically. I started at 250# at 5'6" and I found that small steps helped make this journey more manageable for me. I would walk on my breaks at work- 5, 10 or 15 minutes depending on how long I had. Eventually I found that I really liked taking those walks, helped me to relieve some of the stress, and eventually it got easier to move around.

I also did some of the SparkPeople 10 minute fitness videos. I figured that I could fit in 10 minutes before or after work or school (I work full time, go to school full time and have a 2 day a week internship- So I know all about not having time!).

And that was all I did, at least at first. I found I had more energy during the day and I started to make my "workouts" longer.

One thing I would suggest is to track your food- All of it. I didn't think I ate that much but when I actually tracked it I found I was eating 2500-3000 calories a day most days. Many here on Spark will say weight loss is mostly diet, and that is true. You cannot "out exercise" over eating or poor food choices.


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3/7/13 12:13 P

So I'm 56 years old, weight 260 lbs, 5'4". I've had 4 hip replacements, need major back surgery, have partially torn three ligaments in my right knee, on chronic pain medication and I'm so incredibly frustrated! I really don't think I eat much, and I honestly believe if I could do more physically I could really get some of this weight off but I just don't seem to be able to get started. I have a membership to a gym with a warm water pool, but don't have the energy when I get off work to even go. I really need help. I am so inspired by all of these people who have been able to stay with their sparkpeople lifestyle and I so wish I could do it. I get terrified when my heart feels like it's going to pound right out of my chest just when I walk a little bit. Scared to death I'm going to have a heart attack, even though I've had cardiovascular tests and I should be okay to exercise. HELP ME PLEASE!

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