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8/20/12 3:29 P

I think you will be surprised at how your tastes change over time. Your favorite foods may not stay the same, especially after you learn to make dishes healthier. I have slowly changed how I eat over the past couple of months and now I find cake or ice cream too sweet to enjoy in the large quantities I used to love. I love the advice on breaking it down into smaller steps, like focusing on 10 lbs at a time. That has helped keep me on track. Just build on small steps every day and you will slowly develop healthy habits.

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8/20/12 3:01 P

There's a SparkTeam on here called Eating without Compromise that focuses on making favorite recipes in healthy ways!

Start looking through the SparkRecipes site, you'll find so many delicious things that are good for you and won't feel so deprived! There's a healthy way to make almost any dish.

Good luck!

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Moderation is key! Small changes you make each day can really add up to big changes. Sparkpeople is a great way to start tracking what you do each day. I will be honest, there will be days when you mess up or don't feel like doing anything but the key is to learn from your mistakes and start each new day with a clean slate. Remember to make small goals and reward yourself when you reach them.

Instead of thinking of those 70 lbs, make your goal to lose 10 lbs. Once you reach that smaller goal, you will feel accomplished and be more motivated to keep going.

It is okay to enjoy the foods you love but enjoy them in moderation. If you love chocolate, instead of a candy bar try fruit dipped in dark chocolate. It is the small changes that can really add up to lifestyle changes.

Find an exercise that you like to do and you will be more excited to do it each week and get your family involved.

It will be hard but remind yourself why you are doing this and do it to make a better you. Remember Sparkpeople will be here to help you.

Good Luck!!!!!!


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8/20/12 1:14 P

Hi all,
So today I officially found out that I need to lose a huge chunk of weight- we're talking about 70 pounds here. I really want to change my life around but i'm so scared of so many different things, like letting myself down or completing my goal and being left with a lot of loose skin. It seems kind of daunting as I know this has to be life long, and I feel like once it starts i'm never going to be able to enjoy food again without feeling guilty. How do you guys retain a healthy frame of mind and still enjoy your favourite foods?

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