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Real Lemon's Juice vs. Bottled Lemon Juice

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1/28/11 5:27 A

The bottled crap tastes nothing like the real thing.

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Posts: 78
1/27/11 9:30 P

For sauces/things where it's a medley of flavors, bottled. But if you're using it as a key ingredient, both fresh lemon and lime is much better.

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1/27/11 8:50 P

I tend to use fresh lemons in dressings and the like but keep a bottle in the fridge if I just need a squeeze of lemon, say to help my body capitalize on the iron in them there greens.

Posts: 12,375
1/27/11 5:48 P

If you're going to cook the dish with the lemon in it, bottled juice might be fine. If it's not heated, fresh is usually much better. But be sure to read the label on the bottled kind. Some have more preservatives and additives than others, and those tend to taste metallic and artificial.

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1/27/11 5:37 P

Lemons and limes are just too expensive for me to really budget in, unless it's a special dish. I opt for the cost and convienance of bottled.

But the others are right, you can taste a difference.

Posts: 11,848
1/27/11 4:52 P

I use real lemons when it matters, and keep a bottle of the other stuff in the fridge just in case, or when I only need a teeny bit.

No real difference in calories.

But practicalities, taste and cost are worth weighing up.

SparkPoints: (3,757)
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Posts: 146
1/27/11 4:45 P

I always have both and it truly depends upon the application. I would usually prefer fresh lemon, and usually use the zest too. But since I use them often, I will end up in a pinch with no fresh lemons on hand. In that case I will usually use the bottled. That stuff is a different flavor though, and I can't use it equally. I have to use a little less of the bottled or my dish might end up tasting like dish soap. To "fakey fake" lemon.

Posts: 26,527
1/27/11 4:33 P

They are comparable nutritionally and usage in recipes...but a fresh squeezed lemon will give you a much greater taste.
Dietitian Becky

Posts: 344
1/27/11 4:33 P

I switched to the real fruit. I like it better plus if you want a bit of the rind for some extra zing it's right there.

Posts: 119
1/27/11 4:23 P

Are these comparable? One better than another?

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