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11/25/13 12:25 P

If you've already gone through the set-up process when you put in the dongle, then the workout data should automatically sync when the tracker is within 50 ft. Here's a link to the Activity Tracker help page, where you can find answers to many of the most common questions:

Hope this helps.

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11/25/13 9:51 A

Thank you very much! So when I get home, will it sync automatically? I do not even see the spark activity tracker in M TRACKERS.

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11/25/13 9:45 A

The tracker doesn't need to be activated. It should track your activity when you wear it. The dongle just enables it to sync with your SP account so you can see the info. If you want to make sure it's working, you can tap the tracker 5 times with your fingertip after you've done some walking (at least 10 minutes), and you should see some lights--one light means minimal progress towards your daily goal, and a full circle means you've met or passed the goal.

Hope this helps.

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11/25/13 9:35 A

I thought I had lost my tracker on Friday, Was so upset! Was using my pedometer and heart rate monitor over the weekend to track my activity. Deactivated the Spark Tracker so I could manually enter my activity. When I got to work this morning, someone had found it and left it on my desk for me. I do not have the USB dongle here at work. Is there a way to re-activate the tracker so it will track my steps for the rest of today? I have looked everywhere and do not see how to re-activate it. Any help would be most appreciated :)

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