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11/7/13 8:40 A

Congratulations! Dealing with the stress-eating is definitely a long-term goal made up of the tiny, tiny steps taken every day to resist one's desire to indulge poor eating choices.

Since stress is an issue, take steps to deal with that directly in some other way - exercise, meditation, whatever you think would be useful to you.

Did you exercise during your weight loss? If you did, you could set an achievement-related goal related to running or walking or whatever form of exercise you do. If you are not exercising already, you could make your next goal to develop an exercise habit.

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11/7/13 7:33 A

REBCCA has a great idea about making your next goal accumulating a long streak of maintaining. I think that is a wonderful idea and will help you with the temptations of stress eating. Way to go on reaching your goal and try to hang on to how proud you are of yourself for that.

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11/6/13 4:44 P

First of all Skiperde emoticon emoticon emoticon well done on reaching your goal! emoticon

Your health and fitness are maybe the most important investments you can make for your happy future. You healthy choices now will pay off for many years to come. Every time you choose non-processed whole food over junk you are ingraining that habit. Junk food is possibly instant gratification for you but not worth it for any longer duration of time. Stay strong and choose to nourish yourself with the highest quality nutrient rich food possible. Delete your stress with other things like dancing, brisk walks and/or deep breaths etc.
Make your next goal accumulating a long streak of maintaining your goal weight. emoticon

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11/6/13 3:54 P

I successfully reached my weight goal and I'm very proud of myself for it. I feel great physically and this is the best I've looked. Yet, I'm finding it difficult motivationally to keep my good habits going. This is my second to last semester in college, so I'm dealing with stress over dorm living and classwork. Because of this, I've very tempted to give into the part of me that eats a lot of junk food to reduce stress. I've also been successful in limiting how many desserts I eat such as brownies, donuts, and ice cream, but the dining hall does over a lot of other junk food. Does anyone have any tips that could help me in supressing my junk food urges?

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