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4/1/10 1:33 A

Congratulations !! That's fabulous ! I know you're alot happier I can feel it through your words ! Thank you for even more motivation !

Oh Great Spirit who dwells in the sky, lead us to the path of peace and understanding. Our lives are so short here, walking upon Mother Earth's surface. Let our eyes be opened to all the blessings you have given us. Please hear our prayers, oh Great Spirit.

"Native Amerian Prayer for Peace"
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4/1/10 1:32 A

What a terrific accomplishment! You are an inspiration! ROCK ON! emoticon

Keep your head up and keep moving!
GALLANTDC56 Posts: 5
4/1/10 1:27 A

congratulations. you're an inspiration!

EANADON Posts: 100
4/1/10 1:25 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

FVLAHOS Posts: 2
4/1/10 1:24 A

Way To Go! I also reached my mid point goal. I lost 14 pounds in 9 weeks.

TEASINGTAN SparkPoints: (20,618)
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4/1/10 1:23 A

You Go Girl! and Keep up the good work are an inspiration and Motivator to a lot of us. Walking does a Girl Good. emoticon emoticon

4/1/10 1:18 A

You are a Hero! I'm sure everybody will be proud of you & happy for you. Not because your car was stolen but because you turned it around & achieved because of it. emoticon

4/1/10 1:08 A

Wow that is wonderful, Congratulations!!!!
You really give me an reason to start walking some day when I get some more weight off. Right now it is just to hard for me to start. But maybe soon I will start. emoticon

MAMAANGE Posts: 426
4/1/10 1:07 A

That is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the ground each morning the Devil says,
4/1/10 1:07 A

Way to go. That's wonderful, and inspiring. I've been at a standstill lately, but still working at it.

jazzyartwriter1 emoticon

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4/1/10 1:05 A

Congratulations and thank you. I've been having some difficult times recently but your post showed me what I have to be grateful for - SparkPeople and the caring community that celebrates victory together and eases the pain of defeat, and a car that's in my possession even if the window was broken out by vandals.

Way to go! There are very few people who can say they have successful lost so much weight. You are an inspiration.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Six, Ohio

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4/1/10 1:03 A

Good for you! Way to go! What a great thing for you to be able to see the light in the dark situation! You are an amazing person and I just know you must feel better about yourself physically and mentally! Keep up the great work!!!!! I am proud of you but more importantly are you proud of you?! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


On my way down to the 130's hoping for the 120's!!!
4/1/10 1:03 A

I love how you turned having your car stolen into a positive! Way cool.

4/1/10 1:03 A

Way to go. We are all so proud and happy for you! I'm sorry your car was stolen, but happy that it had such go consequences.

Healthy, Healthy, Healthy!

Dance your butt off, literally!
ANGEL1066 SparkPoints: (70,742)
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4/1/10 1:02 A

Major CONGRATS! Wonderful story! I do hope you keep walking to local errands when/if you get another car. I parked mine 2 years ago for local purposes & only use it for out of town trips. That has let me maintain my weight loss while I'm still struggling with portion control, plus is reshaping my body, helping tighten all those saggy-baggy spots from tmy earlier 90 lb. weight loss. I want to lose another sixty & thank God for being able to walk freely now. Keep up the good work, & enjoy even skinnier jeans! God Bless!

"Mountains DO move...One stone at a time." ~Rick Beneteau
Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. - John Wooden, Hall of Fame college basketball coach
With exercise, doing some is always better than doing none. - Spark article
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4/1/10 1:01 A

Keep it up and keep it off happy for you emoticon

POLLYPAGE1 Posts: 40
4/1/10 12:59 A

Thats fantastic, having your car stolen was a pain but something wonderful's happened as a result.
Your an inspiration and you've given me food for thought.
Well done....big hug

BLUESKY104 Posts: 9,653
4/1/10 12:54 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon How inspiring it is to see one of my local Spark friends with the featured Board Post emoticon

Thanks for the post and the inspiration emoticon

What an emoticon achievement emoticon


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GUJRAHA Posts: 7
4/1/10 12:37 A

Hi Kelly,
Congratulations!! That is great news and it is so inspiring to others as well. Thank you for sharing your success story. Keep it up!
Best wishes

DEBRINCONCITA SparkPoints: (3,734)
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4/1/10 12:29 A

emoticon emoticon YOU MUST BE SO PROUD! I APPLAUD YOU ON YOUR WEIGHTLOSS AND SEND SOME LUCK MY WAY AND I WILL BE THERE TOO! Thanks for the inspirational story I enjoyed it alot, Debrinconcita in Portland Oregon USA. emoticon, NATIVE SPIRITS.COM,
JANEKL SparkPoints: (3,979)
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4/1/10 12:26 A

WOW, what an accomplishment!........ and thanks for Sharing! emoticon

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4/1/10 12:20 A

ROADRRUNNER007 Posts: 1,369
4/1/10 12:14 A


HOTBOD4ME Posts: 265
3/13/10 8:54 A

That is emoticon !!!!

Nothing tastes as good as being thin and fit will feel!

It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.

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Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.
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MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 14,845
3/12/10 11:24 P

156 lbs? What a truly amazingly awesome effort!!

The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
CATLADY21 Posts: 1,947
3/12/10 10:36 P


JENNY_Y Posts: 205
3/12/10 10:35 P

Awesome work!! What an awesome accomplishment!

LOGICAL_JACKIEO SparkPoints: (7,099)
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3/11/10 9:48 A

that is awesome!

Life is what you make it! so be sure and carry a mirror ;)
KATRET Posts: 1,716
3/11/10 8:30 A

Congratulations. You are an inspiration.

SYRIANA02 Posts: 147
3/10/10 9:34 P

Woo hoo!! Congratulations, you did excellent....I know that you feel so proud of yourself, you are done, now keepup the good work!! I need to loose 10 more pounds and it is so frustrating, they are coming off slowly than ever, but I will get eventually get there...

3/10/10 7:50 P

Wow little Lady, you have really accomplished something greater than a milestone....I would give away all the diamonds in the world for that success..I'm on my way!

Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live..."John Rohm"
KATRINA333 Posts: 420
3/10/10 6:44 P

Inspirational! emoticon

3/10/10 6:42 P

Way to go! You are AMAZING!!! emoticon

PATSDIARY Posts: 3,268
3/10/10 3:56 P

WOW!!! That is FABULOUS!! YOU ROCK!! You must feel like a whole different person - like you can float!! We all know the real you is still the same person - but now you feel it too! Congrats!


The choices I make today can change my life.
WEEDLADY Posts: 523
3/10/10 12:53 P


TRIGFROST SparkPoints: (0)
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3/10/10 12:43 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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3/10/10 11:55 A



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AZURELITE Posts: 1,406
3/10/10 11:54 A

emoticon emoticon

HAPPYSOUL91 SparkPoints: (275,982)
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3/10/10 11:53 A

That is amazing, what a great job you have done.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Every day I am on the verge of making slight changes that would make all the difference in my life.

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MIS2101 Posts: 4,000
3/10/10 11:04 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon

SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (59,259)
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3/10/10 10:51 A

Woohoo - sorry to hear about your car, but great job not letting this get you down and turning it into a positive for your health and mental attitude!

All the research we've seen also says that consistent fitness is the best way to keep the weight off too, so you are on the right track.


"Your daily actions and words impact more people than you ever realize!" -- SparkGuy

MANDERSON19 Posts: 534
3/10/10 8:43 A

OMG!!! What an awesome story! So cool that you didn't let no car keep you down. You rock!

3/10/10 8:21 A

kaaa-ching! emoticon

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1ROCKYMAMA Posts: 1,790
3/10/10 8:02 A

Oh what a great accomplishment, Cheers for you emoticon emoticon emoticon The world is yours. emoticon

KBCBRETIRE SparkPoints: (21,326)
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3/10/10 8:01 A

CONGRATS! What an amazing achievement - give yourself a high five!! emoticon

MARTHA-ANN SparkPoints: (96,317)
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3/10/10 5:03 A

that's brilliant, you must be so proud
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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BECOMINGDEB Posts: 4,275
3/10/10 1:41 A

Wow! Way to go! You're an inspiration to people like me who are finally getting started on a serious attempt at weight loss.

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." -George Eliot

NEWKID54 Posts: 620
3/10/10 1:16 A

I am so proud of you emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

THEONE909 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/9/10 11:40 P

I am totally happy for you...keep up the great work...


CCKELLY3 SparkPoints: (79,258)
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3/9/10 11:33 P

I stopped counting numbers a few months back when I was within 5lbs and started focusing on and enjoying being healthy and active. Plus to give my body and skin time to adjust to this new weight.

But my car got stolen and out of necessity I started walking A LOT more, on errands within a couple miles and then some miles between bus routes to make the shortest trips. I was eating a lot more and feeling hungry a lot, so out of concern I finally bought a scale. (up till now only at Dr. or Nutritionist appt or at gym-- but w/o car, haven't been able to access any of those for 2 months). Surprise, surprise, not only did I hit my goal, I went below it AND am now at the weight I was when I was 21 and really active. :) Woot! I almost didn't believe it at first, thought, oh god, this inexpensive analog scale MUST be off...but then realized my 'tight' slim jeans hadn't been tight for weeks and my good fitting, nice-butt jeans were really hanging around my hips and sagging in the derriere. Whoa!

It's TRUE. I went right past my goal and never noticed...was too busy trucking along those sidewalks and trails, munching my veggies and fruit snacks every few hours and having a grand old time knowing how lucky I was they took my car now, verses 1-2 years ago when I would have really been trapped and housebound. Now, NOTHING keeps me still...cause I can walk everywhere ! :)

That's what being at a healthy weight and fitness level can do for makes you FREE!

You are not defined by your thoughts or your hopes, you are defined by your actions. In the end, what you did or didn't do will prove who you are.
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