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3/11/14 6:53 A

Click on supplement facts, and a scoop has 80 calories, and 17 grams of protein!

So does fish :

Atlantic pollock ( 3 ozs. ) has 100.3 calories, and 21.2 grams of protein.

chicken :

chicken breast ( 3 ozs. cooked ), no skin, roasted has 103 calories, and 19.3 grams of protein.

Buffalo :

Buffalo meat ( 3 ozs. ) 111.4 calories, and 22.8 grams of protein.

At 20 % protein needed, on an 1800 calorie diet, all you need is 90 grams, which is easy to get, so why pay for powdered protein, when there are so many delicious, real food alternatives to try?

Have fish for lunch, chicken breast for dinner, and you are halfway there with just 6 ozs. of fish/fowl. Dairy, beans, and veggies will easily get you to 90 grams.

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3/10/14 8:15 P

I am not sure of your lunch time resources???
Microwave, refrigerator??
Yes, a premade sandwich will work well + some raw veggies and a piece of fruit
What about a frozen meal you can microwave
Is heating up a hearty soup an option.
Salad with hard cooked egg, deli meats/cheese
What about a healthy chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad
You could do a greek yogurt, with fruit parfait


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3/10/14 9:28 A

Becky, you bring up an interesting goal was to have something quick on hand for lunch, I am a diabetic and have been drinking glucerna hungersmart shakes but wanted to get away from them because of the soy...I probably would be better off having a turkey sandwich on high fiber/low carb bread for something the mix is pretty nasty

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3/9/14 6:54 P

Good ingredients in this one, I've tried it, but in my opinion it needs some help in the flavor department! I add fruit and greens when I use it.

3/9/14 5:43 P

I don't encourage the use of protein powder; unless someone is struggling to meet their protein intake?

Usually a protein powder is used in a smoothie type beverage.

For a meal replacement it should probably contain at least 300 calories or more.
It should also contain a blend of protein, carbs and fat (plus vitamins-minerals) ---similar to a meal.

You could do a smoothie with frozen fruit or veggies, greek or regular yogurt, and some protein powder.

your SP Registered Dietitian

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3/9/14 12:56 P

Has anyone used this? I just bought it and looking for a quick meal replacement that is low carb.

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