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6/24/13 9:42 A

Skip them. Over the counter supplements don't work. If they did, they'd be patented, prescription-only, and expensive, and we'd all be taking them.

Raspberry ketones and other "fat burners" make a lot of claims that just don't pan out in the real world. And they don't have to, either; the supplement game is unregulated, and they can claim whatever they want about their products as long as they have that little disclaimer at the bottom.

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6/24/13 9:14 A

tl;dr - "The concentration which is required to have fat burning effects is astronomically high, and the oral doses used in the rat studies similarly high. Low oral doses of raspberry ketones really need to be tested, but I honestly don't expect much from them.
They make your burps taste nice-ish though"

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6/23/13 11:29 P

has anyone tried Raspberry keytone lean? does it work? I was just thinking about trying it out. not sure yet

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