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8/22/14 8:19 A

If the problem is 'food addiction' or binge eating then wanting and trying to 'lose weight', counting calories, focusing MORE on food instead of less is not helpful.

When I look at what you wrote about eating more than you planned in the restaurant I can wonder if you stopped to ask your stomach if you're hungry or not, and asked your body how much food it would like to eat.
I mean how much food did your body want? That is really the question. (Also, what kind of food it - really - wants).

I'm a recovering binge eater... to me the idea that I must always 'eat less' and a feeling that I never deserve to have what, or as much as, I want really messed up my natural eating patterns. It becomes a psychological thing; something in us resists when we try to rule our eating ffrom the head.
What helps me is to develop an attitude like this: when it's time to eat I will eat, and eat good foods, and enough of them.
On other times, there's no reason to eat.

Building steady good habits is very important. I see that you already have some good habits in place. Getting yourself used to not eating most of the day, for example by leaving 3 hours (or 4) between meals / snacks is a great way to train yourself.
It's not that you should scream at yourself not to eat. (You should not scream at yourself, period). It's that you should eat at regular times, healthy foods. Feed your body with appropiate amounts of food.
If that is a steady habit it will be easier to resist tendencies to overeat.
Feed your soul with other things than food. (An occasion delight in a special food or meal as 'food for the soul' is okay, of course, but it shouldn't be the sole source of delight!).

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8/20/14 3:51 P

Glad you're feeling better!

One thing I discovered along the way of losing weight is that "the start of a pattern" rarely actually needs to be, if you can just manage to take the bad behavior for exactly what it is -- no more and no less -- and move on. If I used all my fingers and all my toes I still probably couldn't count the number of times I've "slipped back into a bad habit" over the past year and a half, and it hasn't amounted to a hill of beans. A pattern isn't a pattern unless you make it one.

Be prepared for your weight to go up for a few days as your body processes the meal (and especially its sodium content), but that will pass.

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8/20/14 2:51 P

I've heard that one big meal a month is probably OK. Not sure how that relates to food addictions or how big that meal can be, but I'm guessing Thanksgiving-sized (which I've heard averages out to about 3,000 calories) is probably as big as it should get.

Is there anything you do to stop yourself from eating? Smokers might chew gum, have a light snack, etc. to stop themselves from smoking. In my case, I substitute a smaller amount of food - measured - and I feel fine. Try something like that and you may feel a bit better.

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8/20/14 2:35 P

I have been seeing a counselor for a number of years for binge eating related problems and it has been helpful. I thought going in that getting that help would solve it and pretty quickly. In this time I have leaned a lot about myself, but I can't say I am completely cured but my control has gotten better over that time.

Since you are just starting to see patterns and wondering if it is needed I would like to recommend you start by reading about food addiction, sugar addiction, or binge eating, (any or all of those that you think might apply to you).

there are some great books on the subject and not all of them take the same prescriptive action. By reading more about it you can more readily figure out if you fit the descriptions.

I am currently reading a book called Anatomy of a food addiction. There are several more I could recommend but looking up a subject listing on Amazon can give you a good start. Also on Spark people there are some teams related to these subjects that are a great resource for the problems of binge eating, emotional eating etc.

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8/20/14 11:32 A

That is not insignificant at all - you should be proud of yourself! Glad you are doing better

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8/20/14 10:54 A

Thanks Coach Jen; the binge eating article was actually somewhat helpful. I know I've shown inappropriate behaviors in the past (hiding evidence of eating for example) so I don't want to ever let that get out of control. I actually feel better and more in control this morning; I had my usual a.m. workout, then my usual coffee and now I can plan the remainder of my day. One of my daily SP goals is to "Be proud of myself". I had to really give that one some thought this morning but I was able to check the box, and as small and insignificant as that may seem it definitely put me back in the right mindset.
I'm going in late to work this morning to attend a school function with our daughter, and then I have to leave early for a dentist's appointment so I should have plenty of time to get back on track today.
Thank you!



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8/20/14 6:22 A

I agree with Coach Jen - if you find that this behaviour becomes more regular than a 'one-off' Therapy is a great way to deal with it. Just ask your Dr for a referral to a Therapist who deals with eating issues.

Good luck,
Kris xxx

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8/20/14 6:13 A

Here's an article you might find helpful:

There's nothing wrong with seeking professional help if you feel like this becomes a pattern. But hopefully it was an isolated incident, and you can learn from it and move forward. It doesn't help to beat yourself up about mistakes in the past, just try to learn what you can do differently next time.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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8/20/14 2:39 A

One big meal once in a while is not going to mess you up. Don't think of it as the beginning of a behavior pattern. Next time, plan for that one big meal if you are going to have it...look forward to it all week, tell yourself you're going to exercise every day during the week and track your food, and as a reward you're going to have that meal at the end of the week.

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8/20/14 12:38 A

I can't help you with any addictive therapies...but I can point out that you have most likely changed over time! LOL....would "the old you" have responded this way to ONE instance of a restaurant meal?? Probably not...!

So trust yourself, your Inner Voice, and your new found ways---they will serve you well. And relax about that one meal...recognize it as a poignant reminder of how far you've come, and where you've decided to go...! You're doing great!!

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8/20/14 12:10 A

Tonight for dinner we ended up at a different restaurant than the one I'd prepared for, and I ordered fish and chips with cole slaw. I intended to box up half right away but didn't, and despite my inner voice SCREAMING at me to stop I ate the entire platter. I recognize that I have some addictive behaviors around food (fortunately not around anything else!) but I haven't struggled with them in MONTHS. I've never been treated for an addiction although I have wondered if such treatment would help, but since things have been going well I haven't pursued it.
Now I find myself fresh off a binge meal and although it's just one, it's the behavior pattern that worries me since I haven't had to deal with that in a long time.


What are some strategies used in addiction therapy that I might be able to employ quickly to make sure this single slip doesn't become a pattern? I am not a spiritual person, so turning it over to god or praying about it aren't effective strategies for me.
Anyone have any experience you'd be willing to share?

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