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6/6/14 5:37 P

To be on the safe side, go see you doctor.

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6/6/14 9:20 A


Do you have a sedentary job ? Do you sit a lot ? If you have a desk job that requires you to sit all day, that contributes to lower back pain. Add in a lack of strength training to keep our muscles strong and that too contributes.

However, you are in luck ! If your back pain is a result of your job and lack of exercise, beginning a strength training program to increase the strength of your muscles will help decrease the pain.

Also, have you been doing a lot of abdominal exercises recently ? I've found that many women in a quest to get that flat stomach tend to do too many AB type exercises. This doesn't seem like a bad thing, EXCEPT the problem is that many women tend to neglect doing back exercises too. As a result, they end up with too strong AB muscles and too weak back muscles.

That muscular imbalance can also cause lower back pain. So, if you have been doing excessive AB exercises, then you must start doing exercises that work your back. Things like push ups, deadlifts, rows and plank will help balance things out.

That's another possible cause.

And well, at 100 pounds, going to 120 pounds would place a lot of stress on your body. So, yes, rapid weight gain (20% increase) would definitely cause problems.

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6/5/14 6:29 P


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6/5/14 5:41 P

lack of exercise and sitting with bad posture in a chair is more likely the cause.
Look into ergonomic chairs or portable back support you can use, and start taking breaks at least every hour to get up and stretch (walk away from your desk, twist, do some ab exercises). Sitting long hours at a desk is a probable cause.

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6/5/14 5:10 P

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It could be weight gain, it could be your posture, or lack of the correct exercises!!! Talk to your doctor and see what he says.

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6/5/14 7:25 A

I would be inclined to make an appointment with your Dr to rule out any medical problem to see if there is another contributing factor to your tiredness and weight-gain, apart from sitting. It could also be worth checking for things like arthritis - even at your tender young age!

THEN I would be inclined to ask about exercise. Pilates, particularly, is really great for the core muscles. I was referred to a Mat Pilates class as part of my rehab from a bad accident. I also have arthritis of the spine and scoliosis. The Pilates Class was taken by a qualified practicing Physiotherapist who was also a qualified Pilates Instructor. This qualification combination proved to be invaluable for me. The stronger core strength helps to reduce back pain, and tighten the tum area.

Now, I am a bit intrigued. You comment that you gained 20lb this last year, yet your weight ticker shows a very low weight. Are you really short? ... If what I am seeing is accurate, you may need to check for other things, too, like osteoporosis. Again, even at your age, young women can suffer from this, particularly if they are underweight and especially if they have a tendency to under-eat. Mind you, I am not saying you are under-eating, just wondering......


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6/5/14 1:44 A

In my experience, lack of exercise is a bigger factor than weight, although both matter. Sitting is actually not natural for human anatomy, so if you can't readily increase your activity, consider a standing desk, which can actually be as simple as a sturdy file box on top of a kitchen table. In fact, if you're petite enough to be healthy at 102 pounds and overweight at 128, building your own standing desk might be hugely helpful, because a standard office chair probably doesn't fit you no matter how you adjust it.

Also, if the weight is mostly in your stomach, it might be affecting your sleep position. Pay attention to what position you go to sleep in and wake up in, and to how you feel first thing in the morning. You might experiment with pillows to change your posture and support what needs supporting.

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6/5/14 1:02 A

Yes the extra weight can definitely add to back and joint pain and so does being sedentary.

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6/4/14 11:57 P

I think so

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6/4/14 11:22 P

Can rapid weight gain cause back pain?

I gained 20 lbs in ~1 year of grad school, which accounts for 20% of my body weight. I've been sedentary and most of the weight has gone to my stomach.

Recently, I've been feeling tired and my back has been hurting. Could it be from the extra weight, or is it more likely from lack of exercise? I'm only in my 20s, help!

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