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1/5/13 9:01 P

Thanks, he said that he was going to make sure that it is fixed this week, and since he knew the gym was important that he would make sure I got to go............I feel better about this than I did

1/5/13 7:22 P

I would feel the same way - you have been working hard. If it was his car, would he wait a month before fixing it? If he would -replace boyfriend. Upgrade to better model!

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1/5/13 3:31 P

Today when I went out to the car it wouldnt start. I eventually got the thing started but my check engine was blinking. I went back into the house to get Robert, my boyfriend, to have him check it out. He said he didnt like the sound of it and that he didnt want me to drive it till a mechanic looked at it...............this is all well and good EXCEPT the last time I had car problems it took him over a month to get it fixed.

At that time I just started going back to the gym, so I just quit. I didnt go back for 2 months...........NOW I have been going to the gym religiously since Nov. I can now do 50 minutes on the rowing machine and have lost 30 pounds. I do not want to start this over again I am gaining ground again

This probably sounds selfish but my health is important to me more than anything else is. I will not wait a month to go to the gym. I will not quit going to the gym he will just have to take me.

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