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10/30/12 7:41 P

Yes there may be even slightly higher. Our tech people keep track of all this data.
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10/30/12 11:55 A


You said there were, "...12 million members around the world." Are there really that many people on Spark People?


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10/29/12 4:00 P

LoL that drove me so crazy that I keep a notepad in the Kitchen and any new items I bring into the house I write the info down and then input it all in my own favorites so it is ready for me when I go to eat it.

CHICCHANTAL Posts: 2,135
10/29/12 3:41 P

It's not just the calories that go down. In the UK, the food industry has been told by the government to get its act together and reduce the amount of salt in processed foods. So that is going down too.

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10/29/12 3:18 P

You know I didn't even consider that it was from the manufacturing end of things. Ok mystery solved! I'm sure ill come up with something else soon enough. Stay tuned!

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10/29/12 2:51 P

besides there being older nutrition information, there are also multiple recipes for some foods. i'll use oreos as my example here. there are basically 2 different plants or two different recipes for the regular oreo. one version is vegan, the other is not. for the same product. the nutrition information is slightly different as well. and i think most other companies do this as well. they don't have a single plant cranking out all of their product, they have two or three scattered around and depending on local variants, may have slightly different recipes for the same product. and for the plant that might produce something that goes to, say, canada, requirements for that area might necessitate a slightly different recipe. which in turn means a slightly different nutrition info.
and the other thing is that due to the supply chain that you have, you or the other people might have the newest version. in other words, things don't get sold in the order that they were made. kraft might make boca crumbles out the ears, but if it fulfills a big walmart order, finds out that the nutrition info needs changing, ships another large lot to publix, gets the info changed and ships out the first of the new information packages to kroger, where you bought it will determine which one you got. particularly when you're talking about companies big enough to have their own distribution centers.

10/29/12 2:29 P

Also...With 12 million members around the world...products will vary from state to state and country to country.
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10/29/12 1:39 P

As others have said, products can change. Many of the Yoplait light entries are for 100 or 110 calories. B ut, the packages say, "Now 90 calories", so, clearly the recipe has changed. I've even had what's on a company's website differ from what's on the label (I'm looking at you, Lean Cuisine) which is why I always double check. Also, so long as the protein, carbs and fat are within 1 or 2 grams, if the calories are only 5-10 off, lazy may win out, and I'll just use what's already in there, especially if what's in there is more than what I hav ein front of me. I'll also go ahead and input it, even if I know it's not the same as what I have, when I'm just pre-planning, then I'll enter it accurately later.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,223
10/29/12 12:53 P

I've seen the same thing too, and I agree that the manufacturers probably tweek their products over time, so the calorie counts might be a little off. Personally I don't bother with entering it all in myself, if it's just a little bit different-- especially if the database is a teeny bit higher than whatever I'm holding in my hand (which is usually the case).

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10/29/12 12:12 P

I've noticed it too. My guess is a lot of the entries in the tracker are a bit older, and companies reformulate their products pretty often. I know the entry I use for my breakfast bars is 10 calories more than what the wrapper of mine says. All of the entries had it 10 calories more.

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10/29/12 12:07 P

Ok this probably sounds so dumb but a lot of times when I'm logging something, like a can of beans for example, if I can't find it in the regular database, I'll click the little thingy to use what other sparkmembers have already manually entered instead of doing it myself. But I have the food item right there so I can make sure all the nutritional info is the same.

It seems like the options from other spark members is always 5 to10 calories more for the same exact product. Why is that??? It's not just one thing. If my can says 20 calories per serving, I'll go down the list of every single thing that's the same product brand and serving size and they will ALL say 25 calories! I've noticed that multiple times with a variety of different products.

What am I missing here? Is there an unwritten rule that you automatically add 5 calories when you manually enter something? Or is this a conspiracy from sparkpeople. Please tell me at least that I'm not the only one who noticed. I know it's really dumb but it bothers me.

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