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12/11/12 7:53 A

It would be if we had "hallways". It's only about five feet between my door and the door to my neighbor's house, then stairs on one side and a wall on the other. *Nods* Though I could probably get away with walking the basement level where the storage is. :3

APPRIL Posts: 2,239
12/11/12 12:11 A

Is walking the hallways an option?

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12/10/12 7:41 P

Unfortunately because of my leg, after nearly 2 miles, it becames VERY painful for me to go around again. I do make an effort to go up and down the stairs on the days I can, while trying not to annoy my elderly neighbors downstairs, the woman with ten kids across from me, and the people upstairs. X3 Don't wanna be too impolite.

My diet change is already sucking my resources so even cheap classes are just too out of my range, which would be why I'm doing this the old fashioned way.

But the Deskercises sound great. I HAVE found a few things I can do inside without being too much of a ruckus on the wet and snowy days, and my mother is going to be doing them with me. I'm not in this alone, for sure. :3

And thank you all for your help. These resources are great. :3 Some of these are even quiet enough I can do them on flights and in the waiting rooms at my appointments, which is fantastic for me. I need a routine that can pretty much go anywhere, and all these are REALLY helpful.

I think I have what I need, but I just wanted to thank you all for your help. :3 I hope you all succeed in all you do! ♥

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12/10/12 6:09 P

These are some of Priscilla Patrick's YOGA videos on YouTube. There are more on there even. She was 50 when she did these for PBS, and she's now 70. Her web site is at

I'm sorry you're dealing with health issues.

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12/9/12 11:05 P

Is it safe and practical for you to extend the distance of your walk the days that you do go? On days you don't walk, could you go up and down the stairs even once, or is that too hard and painful?

Your description of your situation is very helpful, since it eliminated some suggestions I might have tried inquiring about. However, is there a YMCA in your community? Those classes are really cheap. When I lived below the poverty level as a single, working mother and college student (all at the same time!), I went to the YMCA twice weekly with my toddler. I got in mommy and tots classes, and later taught mom and kid swim classes together (I know, swimming is not an option.).

Another suggestion would be to try to find a friend to do some of the exercises with you. Maybe someone from work, or church, or a community hobby class/activity, or who lives near you. This might not work, but it is at least considering if there might be someone close by willing to do some exercises with you at your apartment or their home. Just a thought...

The thread, "Deskercise" has some great ideas for seated, low impact and effective exercises.

Good luck!

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12/8/12 4:13 P

Thanks so much! I'll look through the exercises. I didn't even notice this resource!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 64,458
12/8/12 1:28 P

Check out our Limited Mobility Lifestyle Center:

There are workouts and videos that can all be done from a seated position that might be options for you.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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12/8/12 12:06 P

Hi guys! *Waves* I'm a little bit of a newb and I wanted to know if anyone has some ideas.

I'm PHYSICALLY handicapped. I have a disease that's been eating my left femoral head since I was a little girl. In order to get a hip replacement, my doctors all demand I lose fourty pounds. I want to get this done by summer (actually, I want it done by May 1st, but I know that everything requires a pace).

I can pretty much walk and do crunches. There's no pool to swim in and I haven't the money for a gym. I live on the second level of an apartment complex, so I'd prefer NOT to annoy my sweet elderly neighbors down stairs.

BUT! I need some rainy/snowy day work outs. I usually walk/jog a small 1.7 mile stretch of my neighborhood. But when the rain is pouring down and the snow is making things invisible to me, the walk ways are too slick for someone with my disability to risk. If I fall, I really do need help to get up. The cold makes my joints a little stiffer, so jogging on those days is mostly out of the question, and going up and down the stairs of my building would be extremely hard for me.

I don't have any exercise equipment, nor the money to purchase any. I'm doing this the old fashioned way, because that's what I can afford. Poor college students are poor. X3

So I ask: Can anyone recommend a work out that won't hurt me TOO MUCH (a little pain is a given in my situation, I understand that. I've dealt with this for twelve years, a few more months isn't gonna be hard) and also won't annoy my poor neighbors downstairs?

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