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Well that kinda happened to me I ran so e miles then the every next day I had to do like a 10k . My ankle was swollen too. I think it was just cuase of the over used. I say put ice on it. And if u have tiger balm put that on it at nite. But if u are really worried about it I say go see the doc.

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Have you talked to your doctor about your ankle ? If not, that really is the best place to start. For now, you may want to continue laying off any running until you're absolutely sure the ankle is healed. Right now, it may still be weak and if you try to run, it could end up swollen again.

Depending on what your doctor thinks, you may have to lay off any running til the race. resting for two weeks might be the only way to make the race. but it means you may have to do a walk/run combo. that's not a bad thing. many runners have done walk/run combos.

Because of this injury, you may have to wait for another half marathon to really compete. You definitely don't want to run on a bum ankle.

Continue to rest, call your doctor and see what they think.

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I would recommend you call your doctor for advice since you had an injury. The fact that you're not in much pain now is a good sign and it may have been an overuse injury (or like you mentioned, your shoes). Especially since you had trouble so long after the injury, your doctor may refer you to a sports orthopedist or other professional.

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im training for my first half . 2 weeks ago i did a 9 mile run and had no prob on the run but then when i got back i had ankle pain and it swelled up (lateral) i did RICE it and the swelling went after a few days but i was still limping . I think it was my running shoes that caused it and the excessive slopes . My ankle feels almost normal now maybe a bit stiff and it keeps clicking on and off ( i dont think its sublaxation as my tendon looks normal when it does it ) but now i darent run ! ive been swimming and cycling but its only 2 week now til the race and i dont know if ill be able to do it or if it will be safe ? any thoughts please

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