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5/1/13 11:08 A

I'm in week 2 of Rockin Body. I think this is a great workout. I should have measured myself when I started so I don't know how many inches I've lost. I can tell you that I sweat more in that 30 min workout than in any 60 min Zumba class at the gym.

Your weight loss goal may be a little aggressive. Diet is 80% of weight loss but be careful you don't under feed your body. With all the exercise your doing you may want to eat a little more. Too few calories will cause your body to go into starvation mode and try to retain fat. That defeats all your hard work.

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2/17/13 6:00 P

Hi there well it is all cardio nonstop dancing with just nonstop moving. I love it. I also walked for 2 hours today. Oh man felt awesome. It makes you feel so much stronger. I just want to drop the weight by summer no matter what I have to do. I want to lose 40 lbs minimum by summer but I have no motivation but myself and that gets tough sometimes.

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2/17/13 4:55 P


This isn't going to answer you specific question about RB but might be helpful.

- You cannot spot reduce, just not going to happen.
- The formula for overall body fat loss is the following (no luck needed):
Eating within your Spark range based on your goals and current exercise.
Strength Train to minimize muscle loss and maximize fat loss while you're at a calorie deficit. (truthfully, you should do ST whether you're at a deficit or not)
Do some form of cardio you enjoy and can be consistent with.
- 1lb of muscle takes up less space than 1lb of fat equaling lost inches.
- Strength training will not bulk you up.

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2/17/13 3:29 P

No but I tried the 10-minute workout program. It was 2 dvds with 2 or 3 killer workouts on each one. They said if you do a 10-minute workout for 3 months then you are guaranteed results. I did 3 workouts a day for 3 months and was just as flabby, heavy and disgusted with myself as I was when I started out. No lost inches, no lost pounds. I kept the dvds because my father had given them to me and thought I could use them as a companion workout to a future body sculpting program. Maybe this summer I'll do one before work every morning. I certainly hope you have better luck than I did.

Posts: 16
2/17/13 2:56 P

Anyone had any luck with rocking body by beachbody? I have started it along with walking everyday, like today walked for 2 hours, plus I have cut back food intake a lot but I need something so I can lose some inches plus tone my legs and stomach quick but not unhealthy quick.

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