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2/13/12 12:10 A

Whatb a shame to loose such a beautiful voice

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2/12/12 10:59 P

One of the most incredible voices of our lifetime. Such a pity that success in life did not bring her peace. My husband was a professional bodyguard and her music in the movie "The Bodyguard" was our special thing.

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2/12/12 1:02 P

Such a great talent. I hope she finds peace. Such a shock. RIP.

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2/12/12 11:31 A

The news here in the U.K. advised that she was found in her bath in a hotel room.When the police attended they were initaly unable to gain entry.But where then allowed in by family and friends.
In addition to this they advise that when the police entered the room there were only perscription drugs present.

I too am shocked!! What a sad end to a life. emoticon

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2/12/12 12:07 A

I don't know any details, just in shock.


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