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SALTLIFE79 Posts: 35
4/4/13 5:28 P

You could stream clean your carpet, or wash down the walls.. Youtube has a lot of neat zumba videos-

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4/4/13 3:56 P

There were a lot of rainy days this year! I swear I nearly burnt a hole into my fitness DVD program lol. I had done the Beachbody Les Mills pump a few months ago and I wanted to change up the routine a little bit so I looked into other programs that beachbody offers. I'm doing the Les Mills Combat Workout now. (
) There's a video on the site to give you a good idea of what kind of workout you're getting. I'd recommend it if you want a workout that's not very traditional. This actually is a combination of a few different martial arts practices. It hits muscles that I had never worked out before! Highly recommended.

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WAYCAT Posts: 1,002
4/4/13 1:30 A

Yes please do share the title of your yoga DVD designed for runners - it sounds like something that I could certainly benefit from using.


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4/3/13 9:19 P

Ooh, what's the yoga dvd you found called? Sounds great!

KKAZEBEER Posts: 113
4/3/13 5:48 P

We've had a lot of rainy days this year. I am a runner and I honestly don't like to "exercise". I will run in the rain as long as there is no lightening or flooding, which accompany the rain more often than not. So here are some alternative fitness routines that I have been doing this season... I play the Wii fitness & dance games with my kids, I do light strength training while watching TV, I walk on the treadmill while watching NetFlix and I found a great yoga DVD designed for runners. None of these things feel like "exercise" & that makes the activities enjoyable.
What activities do you do when the weather keeps you in doors?

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