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ANARIE Posts: 12,982
3/2/14 11:31 A

I'm like Ixcacao (although to a lesser extent.) I can handle small amounts of sugar, but if I have a sugary dessert more than two days in a row, for example, I start wanting two or three a day, every day. If I use sugar in my coffee, I can use one teaspoon per cup for a week and then I start wanting two teaspoons per cup. (Although I can eat sugar-sweetened yogurt and real jam without those issues.) Artificial sweeteners don't do that to me. I can drink diet soda one day and I won't feel the need for it the next day; I can eat one serving of sugar-free jello or pudding and stop; and I routinely use half a packet in my coffee and never need a whole packet.

I've tried cutting out artificial sweeteners once or twice, and I just did it. There were no real cravings or difficulties. I periodically cut out refined/added sugar, and it's a bit of a struggle every time. Cutting out sugar leads to a weight loss; cutting out artificial sweeteners makes very little difference but occasionally leads to a *gain.* I quit drinking diet soda for a long time because my income was low and it's expensive and hard to get where I live. When I started drinking it again (two or three times a week,) I immediately lost a little weight because I drank that instead of eating a snack.

You may have a different experience. It won't hurt to cut out artificial sweeteners, because they usually come in foods that aren't especially healthy. However, most people probably make more progress if the retain the sweeteners and cut out added/refined sugars.

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3/2/14 9:26 A

Artificial sweetener doesn't do that to me. I use a reasonable amount of it as well. I put it in my coffee and tea and it's in my yogurt.

Real sugar on the other hand is a nightmare for me to control. I love the taste of real sugar and have been known to go on sugar binges to the point where if I run out of candy I will put white sugar on bread and eat it or eat brown sugar right out of the bag.

I'll stick with my Splenda. lol

KKKAREN Posts: 12,458
3/2/14 7:03 A

I gave up all sugar a few months ago and feet great, lost weight. I gave up the artificials to keep the sugar taste away from me. Then went back slowly starting with artificially sweetened jello pudding cups. Now I'm back to full on sugar cravings. It's time to stop the cravings again.

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3/2/14 6:40 A

Has anyone found that there craving and being hungry all the time decreases when you quit the artificial sweeteners?

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