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The rapid weight gain experience when quitting low carb is from water, and the idea that most people aren't switching diets, they are cheating on the one they are So yes, if you had gone out and eaten donuts, and pop, you might have gained 10 pounds.

Transitioning to another diet may result in some temporary weight gain. On low carb you might have lost 2 lbs, instead of gaining .6, so the difference is more than .6, unless you were doing it wrong, and not losing, but still not much.

The thing is, if you can't stick with it long term, you don't like the diet, and it won't work. Many diets work for a lot of people. The trick is finding one that works for you. I do fine on low carb, and feel great. I liked all the food I eat now, just ate noodles, pop, and ice cream too.

Good for you. You figured out that low carb wasn't for you, and made a transition, which is why you didn't gain much. As long as you stay in range with calories, you will be fine. A setback of 1-2 weeks in weight loss, will be made up by now being on a diet that you can stick to till GW and beyond.

Too many people fall in love with a diet that they can't maintain. The goal is not to hit the right weight. It is to maintain it for years to come.

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Carbs are not bad. :)

They do not cause weight gain just because of their existence; now, simple carbs are a problem because they're easily digested, and leave you feeling full for a much shorter time. The problem is that they tend to trigger overeating because they're low-quality.

Complex carbs, however, keep you fuller, longer, and help you fight cravings.

Check this out:

The Truth About Carbohydrates

Gaining weight is, at its core, about eating too much. :) Your body doesn't care if it gets too many carbs, too many lean turkey burgers, or too many green beans... the end result is the same.

With that said, yes, some foods are superior to others. Switching off of simple carbs like regular pasta and white bread has made a difference in my ability to fight cravings and snack attacks. But it's all about calories in/calories out at the end of the day.

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Because it does. The weight gain is all fluid though, so being "worried" about it senseless and pointless. If you go from a very high carbohydrate intake to a very low intake, you will lose a lot of weight in the first week because glycogen stores will be depleted. When you switch back to a relatively high carbohydrate intake, those glycogen stores are replenished. So it's pointless to get excited about that first 3-7 pound loss on VLC and equally pointless to get upset by the 3-7 pound regain.

In your particular instance, you may have been relatively low carb to begin with and went lower, so the glycogen bouncing was masked.

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I was actually afraid of quitting the Low Carb diet that I was on because I heard that when you do, you gain the weight back. Here has been my ACTUAL experience.

I did gain back some weight. Guess how much. 3 pounds? 5 pounds 11 pounds?

The first two mornings that I weighed in after going off, I had gained .8 and .6 respectively. The next two days,I was up 1.2 and back down to .6 above my last day of the low carb diet.

So MY reality is that I gained a half pound by going off of a diet that allowed 20-40 grams of Carb per day.

So, I ask myself, why did the press all seem to think that going off would bring a large weight gain? What did I do that avoided that?

I think it was simply because I had a plan in place BEFORE I switched. That's why I'm here and not on the Dukan site. From the moment I quit the one diet, I started the next. Looking back, it took me a couple of days to get my balance right. The first two days, I went over my proteins and under my carbs. The important thing was I tracked it All. I didn't just say " I can eat Carbs now" and run out and Glom bagels and giant bowls of oatmeal and popcorn and donuts and all those other things I had been missing. Maybe that's why switching to a healthier diet is so scary for those doing a low carb diet. Maybe the massive weight gain comes from an all or nothing approach and when you go from nothing to all, it gets interperted to every carb in sight.

I also kept exercising somewhat gently while I made the switch. Nothing huge. I just kept moving and getting my `Buffy`fix.

I`m writing this mostly for other Low-carbers who are wanting to make the switch back to a more realistic food plan but who, like me, are afraid of un-doing all their hard work.

The one week of body adjustment is SO worth it. It won`t undo your commitment. It won`t turn you into a blurb. Just be reasonable and track everything.

Sign me:
Loving my creamy, slow cooked Oatmeal and Crunchy Popcorn. emoticon

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