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4/21/13 10:09 A

A few weeks ago, SP had an advertisement for quitting smoking: This site is incredibly helpful, and totally free. They will even send you free nicotine replacements of your choice (gum, lozenges, patches, etc.). I have set my quit date for Mother's day! Good luck to all the future non-smokers!

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4/21/13 8:32 A

I agree, what helped me most when I quit was reading all the information out on the web about quitting and the best ways to quit. Like you I wish I had done it long ago. I think Joels site is very helpful for anyone who wants to quit and get all the facts. Another site I like is

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11/3/12 8:11 A

I have never smoked but my grandmother and a dear aunt died from cancer caused by smoking. It was a horrible thing to watch. You are doing the right thing for your health. You will be so grateful you stuck with. I wish you the best of luck and encouragement.

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11/3/12 1:48 A

emoticon In my smoking experience, I haven't ever gone higher than 8 cigarettes/day on a regular basis. I would cut down and then go back up, with no rhyme or reason. I got a nice cold about a month ago, and that made it a lot easier to quit. Still have a few days where I fall off the wagon, but hey -- nobody's perfect! Give it your best shot - you'll be glad you did! I can already tell how much more I can accomplish physically since I stopped. emoticon emoticon emoticon

11/2/12 11:31 P

You CAN do this!!! It's not easy but it's not as bad as you think! At least that was my experience. I cried for at least 3 days after quitting but each day gets better. I will say I did gain 20 pounds because I replaced smoking w/ eating. Try to avoid that trap if you can. My doc said 20 pounds was less damaging than smoking tho! The best site I found and attribute to my success (3+ years now) is The American Lung Associations Freedom From Smoking site. Sorry I don't know how to do links but a quick search will pull it up I'm sure. It's a great program & a great support community.

Best wishes!!! emoticon

11/2/12 9:36 P

I too have never smoked, but my grandmother died of smoking related illnesses and I can tell you, you're SO doing the right thing. Her last six months were hell, and I applaud anything you can do to avoid that fate.

Best of success to you.

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11/2/12 2:43 P

Before my husband & I quit we checked out several online sites and got many good ideas on how to cope. We used patches and weened off, and the time they were half the cost of cigarettes. But you still have to have ways to keep yourself positive and preoccupied. You can't dwell on it, need to push the thoughts away. Exercising, hobbies, yard work, house work, anything to keep ourselves (mostly our hands) busy.

STRONG_SARAH Posts: 1,203
11/2/12 6:29 A

How's the quitting going?

10/24/12 6:31 A

I have never smoked, so all I can offer you is my applause/admiration for your commitment and my encouragement to stick to it.

The VERY best of success to you at this.

N16351D Posts: 2,349
10/24/12 2:13 A

My hats go off to you for your determination and effort to quit smoking. Studies abound with the benefits from doing so.

At the same time, numerous people have told me it is the hardest thing they ever did. One of those was my father-in-law who was an accountant and a tax attorney. He was an extreme skier and said that smoking and his fitness endeavors were incompatible so he had to quit.

Another man who quit was a retired airline pilot. He, too, said it was incredibly hard to quit after forty years of smoking. Both of these guys started smoking before I was born, when it was not known to be a health hazard.

So, you have your work cut out for you. One of these two men had success using a laser treatment. I know nothing about it. We live on the Canadian Border and he went to Vancouver, B.C. for it, but maybe it is available in the United States. I don't know. He was able to quit cold turkey- overnight.

He said then he had to do something different with his hands because he always wanted to bring them to his mouth. So he started eating excessive amounts of fruit, usually apples cut into small pieces. It worked. He was able to quit and not gain weight.

Best wishes!

STRONG_SARAH Posts: 1,203
10/24/12 12:20 A

I quit in March, on my birthday. You need to take it one day at a time and develop some strategies to help you. For example: BEFORE you quit, list all the times of the day you smoke and make a plan about what you are going to do INSTEAD every time you would normally have one. For example, as soon as you wake? Brush your teeth, right away. That may help. During the drive to work? If at all possible take the bus or bike or find another way to get to work. The car, for me, was a 'danger location'. Enlist friends or loved ones to help get you around. After dinner? Do something else, anything -take a walk, rake leaves, take a shower. Going out drinking with friends? DON'T GO! I couldn't drink for a while during 'the quit' because to me a drink in one hand= a cig in the other.

What I'm getting at is you need to break habits. Tell your family and friends that you are quitting and that you might be a b**ch for a few days. Really, the physical and emotional effects were not as bad as I was expecting, and they lasted less than two weeks. The habit breaking was harder.

Be strong, it isn't easy, but you CAN do it.

10/24/12 12:07 A

Every quit is different. The last and final time I quit (many years ago now, thank God) I did not gain a pound! Unlike the first time I quit when I gained about 12 pounds.

The best website I found was . They make a VERY good case for going cold turkey and give tons of support and message boards to support it. I remember during one of my "quits" I wore a nicotine patch every day for almost a year. You get addicted to the replacement nicotine and draaaaaaaw ooooouuuuuut the withdrawal like some kind of slow torture.

If I could do some things over in my life, one of them would be to have never started smoking or at least quit when I was much younger. Best of luck to you.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,231
10/23/12 1:09 P

Get online and look to see if the American Lung Ass'n or the Cancer Society offers a "Quit for Life" program or something similar, in your area. There is a Quit for Life program offered at the local hospital here (and I live in the middle of nowhere, in rural Tennessee)-- it's free, you don't have to quit before you start going, and they do not kick you out if you never quit, or start smoking again after you've quit. You just can't sit there and smoke at the meeting. (lol) It was the most helpful thing for me, when I quit.

Also there are online quit-smoking groups. It's been a while back since I quit, but I think one of them is called, I'm sure there are others.

I quit smoking before I lost the weight; I'm sure it's possible to do both at the same time, and I wish you much success!!

10/23/12 12:56 P

So I have been a member for a few years and I have fallen off the wagon a few times. I always get back up and try again but this time is so much more difficult. I got up this morning and found that my husband did not get any more cigs. was not going to get any more. I want to quit thats not the problem. The problem is I don't think I can do it cold turkey. I need help. Someone please help do I get through this without eating my brains out and going crazy?

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