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12/31/10 10:25 A

This is one of the grains that is gluten free! I love it! I get it at Hy-Vee in the Health Market. I hate that there are not alot of versatile recipes, but its very easy to use! Love it! Reminds me of Couscous!

Posts: 865
12/31/10 12:10 A

In addition to Costco and Walmart, try the bulk section of your local grocery or health food store. Tip... its great with jalapeņo, cilantro, lime, red onion and diced mango. Top with a light lime vinaigrette made with red wine vinegar. Yummy!

Posts: 39
12/27/10 8:46 P

I had wanted to try it, but was finally able to at a friend's who had made a salad with it. Yummy!

Posts: 4
12/27/10 1:49 P

I have purchased Quinoa at Publix in their Organic section, but you may be able to find it around the rice/pasta. The one I bought was in a small bag.

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12/13/10 1:14 P

I have just recently tried quinoa as well, and find it has a light nutty flavor. And is versatile, can be used as a savory or sweet dish. I like it especially with raisins/grapes, apples and walnuts. Also supposed to have less carbs and more proteins than most other grains.

Posts: 6,256
12/11/10 11:14 A

I've seen it at Wal-Mart. They seem to be carrying more items than they used to. I would check a health food store since you don't have Trader Joe's or similiar stores near you.

Posts: 2,452
12/10/10 12:21 P

Around here it is usually in the natural food section. I typically buy the Red Mill brand...

Posts: 519
12/10/10 10:57 A

just tried quinoa for the 1st time last week...just love it and can't believe all the great nutrients per serving

Posts: 129
12/10/10 7:52 A

Thanks you all for the suggestions. I don't have trader joes or whole foods near me. Seems alot of people find different things at those stores. I haven't been to look for it yet. I live in Florida my husband had a trip to California so I haven't been anywhere. He just got back last night. Hopefully I will find it at walmart. I have noticed the Bobs stuff on a couple displays they have at one grocery store its not a very big display but I might have missed it. I imagine they would order it if its a Bob product I will look closer. Linda

Posts: 298
12/9/10 11:28 A

I buy quinoa at Whole Foods or Harris Teeter. It's usually near the rice not the pasta. Go with the pre-rinsed if you can find it!

Posts: 2,547
12/8/10 3:42 P

BTW - you can get quinoa that is pre-rinsed. If it is not, I find I like the flavor a lot better if I rinse before cooking. It can be bitter without rinsing.


Posts: 2,547
12/8/10 3:39 P

I hope you have found your quinoa Linda. I buy a big bag at Costco. My local grocery store has a display of Bob's Red Mill items in the isle with flours etc. Bob's has lots of different grain products and that's the brand that my Costco bag is.
If you don't find it at your store, do ask them to order some - they are usually happy to do so.

Posts: 129
12/8/10 1:29 A

Thanks I will check walmart we don't have trader joes not really close to health food store.


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Posts: 2
12/7/10 6:47 P

I get it at the health food store as I don't have man choices where I live, but you can get it at Trader Joes if you have one. I just noticed that WalMart has it also! It comes in a box. Kind of like a Rice-a-roni box

Posts: 129
12/7/10 4:33 P

I can't find Quinoa at the grocery store. Can it be found in regular stores or does a person have to go to a health food store? Is it in a box like pasta?

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