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1/10/13 9:53 A

No, I measure everything. Thanks for the thought.

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1/9/13 7:19 P

Double check your portion sizes when tracking food. You may be eating more calories than you believe.

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1/9/13 1:13 P

Your goals seem fine. 10lbs by mid March is a little over a pound a week and with 50 to go, very achievable.

Unfortunately, not every individual body reacts to the maths as exactly as every other body. The calculations are averages and may not work for all.

I agree that you might need to eat more.

The simplest way to get your system to show that is to change your goal date and push it out so you're losing more slowly. This will increase your range. The reason why to do it this way rather than manually increase it, is that it'll calculate carbs/fat/protein for you, so you don't have to. :)

1/9/13 12:38 P

My weight loss goal is 50 pounds. I haven't lost but gained, so I do wonder if I need to eat more. I put my exercise goals into the fitness tracker already. It is indicating that per my goals, my calorie intake should be. I'm completely relying on SP to do the math.

I just question it because 1) I haven't lost weight 2) my BMR (per SP calculations) is 1946 so I"m eating at least 600 deficit per day WITHOUT exercise. If you add the exercise, the calorie deficit is so large I must lose, but it's not happening, so I do think I'm undereating.

My goal is set at 10 pounds by March 10. That works out to less than 2 pounds per week.

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1/9/13 12:15 P

It seems counter-intuitive, but whenever I eat in the 1300 calorie range for a few weeks, I stop losing weight, even though I'm still exercising. To break those plateaus I have had to eat more. The last thing we need as dieters (bad word, I know, but that's what we are) is to have our bodies respond as if we're starving and hang on extra tight to every calorie.

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1/9/13 10:06 A

I agree that you might need to be eating more. What's your current weight and goal weight (if you don't mind me asking), and how many pounds/wk have you set the program to lose?

Coach Jen

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1/9/13 8:53 A

Update the amount you burn in fitness setup under My Fitness (or on the start page, click "change goal" where it says how many calories you have left to burn this week) because consuming 1300 calories is NOT enough when you plan to burn 2400. The more you burn through exercise, the more you need to eat to support that exercise.

1/9/13 8:50 A

My calorie range is 1240-1550. I am eating at the low end--under 1300 for the last several weeks. I am looking at burning 2400 calories through fitness tracker each week.

Should I add calories, or just stick with it? I dont want my metabolism to go down.

I havent had a weight loss yet. That is why I ask. Thanks.

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