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11/12/13 2:31 A

I take 30 minutes every Sunday and make a batch of mini crustless quiches for my lunches. I use mini loaf pans and make 8, but you could use muffin tins, make a few more and have 2. The basic recipe is

5 eggs
1/4c oil
1c flour (self raising, or use all purpose/whole wheat and add 1t of baking powder)

Add anything you want to that. Zucchinis are super cheap here so I grate a few of them. I also finely chop an onion and some spinach, and finish with a cup of grated cheese. You can use any veggies you want, and add some meat if you like(a friend uses smoked salmon, I've tried bacon). Don't be afraid to add too much veggies! I put tonnes in this week, and they turned out fine. They take around 20-30 min to bake depending on the size.

When I make 8 they come out to less than 200cal each (no meat). They also keep in a tupperware container for 5 days, and they freeze really well.

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11/12/13 12:53 A

Keeping frozen chicken breasts, fish, veggie burgers with a side like microwaved brown rice or sweet potato and serve some veggies can make a quick meal.
At lunch if you have a microwave you can do left overs. What about soup and a salad with protein instead of sandwich?

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11/11/13 10:57 P

I am a huge fan of doing semi-homemade meals Tonight for dinner I had some tyson grilled and ready fajita chicken (only $8 for 5 servings) some bob evans mashed potatoes that just had to be microwaved, and some broccoli that had to be boiled for 2 minutes. It took my 5 minutes to have a really delicious meal! And it cost about $3!

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11/11/13 7:05 P

Broiling any kind of white fish or salmon in the oven with some lemon pepper and /or lemon drizzled on once they're cooked takes literally 6 minutes. Cook some 5 minute brown rice, steam some kind of veg, and you're golden!

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11/11/13 6:36 P

For lunch ideas, do you have access to a microwave? if so, try couscous - heat chopped dates and milk in the microwave and add the dry couscous. I also add Almond Meal. That is yumm, especially with a little cinnamon on it. Add a banana or apple.

As far as evening meals are concerned, how about bulk cooking a variety of soups/casseroles and freeze them in individual-serve containers. Doing them like this allows you to save money by taking more advantage of really good specials, and one lot of prep time, as well as one lot of power/gas. You just take them out as and when you need them. If you reduce the meat and ensure that there are lentils, dried split peas or beans (such as cannelini or kidney beans) to make up for protein, and add veges in there, they will be a fairly balanced meal. The pulses saves a lot of money because they are tons cheaper than meat. You can have them with toast, or some veges which are easy enough to cook with their jackets on either stove or microwave (just prick the skins for the latter :-)


SECONDTRY94 Posts: 3
11/11/13 5:53 P

Hi I'm hoping some of you have some good meal ideas. I don't have much time to cook in the evening and I'm trying to find some healthy dinners that don't take long to make (also fairly cheap).
Also some lunch ideas, I'm getting bored of taking sandwiches and I know there are healthy alternatives but I can't think of much that doesn't take long to prepare the night before.
Thanks in advance

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