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3/17/10 3:28 P

Savanna, can you shop before you go or do you have to use what's on hand? If you can shop, I'll give you some ideas, but maybe you have some of this stuff already! (:

Caprese on a stick: Using a toothpick, poke down through these things in this order: cherry/grape tomato, small piece/leaf of fresh basil, small ball of fresh mozzarella cheese (so the cheese ball is on top, but you could switch it upside down if you want). Stand these on a platter and sprinkle with a good EVOO.

Pinwheels: Spread a layer of cream cheese (flavored works wonderfully...I like garden vegetable) onto a tortilla. Lay a thin slice of turkey breast deli meat or ham on the tortilla. Optional is to lay one canned asparagus spear on top of the meat. Roll the tortilla up and let set as long as possible. When ready to eat, slice on an angle into about 1-inch rounds. *Note, discard the ends of the tortillas that don't look appealing. If you don't have any flavored cream cheese, simply mix plain cream cheese with salsa for a wonderful flavor!

Fruit tray: Purchase a fresh fruit tray and make your own dips. Use plain or strawberry yogurt, use peanut butter mixed with one of those yogurts, use some plain yogurt with honey and/or cinnamon mixed in, use chocolate syrup mixed into yogurt.

Crackers and hummus: Buy or make flavored hummus. I really enjoy the Sabra brand or the Athenos brand if you can't find Sabra. The roasted red pepper and black olive flavors are great in both brands. The pine nut by Saabra is amazing. Serve with store bought crackers or make your own pita chips by spraying sliced pitas with a bit of baking spray and sprinkling with sea salt, paprika, red pepper, etc and baking until crisp.

Shrimp bruschetta: Buy a baguette of french bread, slice on the diagonal into thin pieces, and toast it with butter/butter spray/olive oil and garlic if you wish. Pan fry or grill some shrimp (buy the frozen kind for no shelling). Chop up some tomatoes and basil and mix with olive oil then add in the shrimp and mix until it's all well coated. Top the thin slices of bread with the tomato and shrimp mix.

Hope you can get some ideas for those! I tried to think of things that you would have on hand already, but I'm not really good at planning from pantry supplies so I didn't really have any good ideas.

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3/17/10 1:50 P

what I do is look in my fridge and pantry to see what I have a lot of and then go from there.

Here is a link to the appetizers

3/17/10 1:42 P

I did try, but it seems like I'm getting dinners instead of appetizers. I'll check again though! :)

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3/17/10 1:37 P

Have you checked the recipe site. There is a plethora of ideas.

3/17/10 1:05 P

HELP! I'm going to a bible study and I need to bring an appetizer! Any suggestions would be SOOO appreciated!

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