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4/7/11 6:07 P

I eat breakfast at my desk every day. I have a hard boiled egg, 1 low fat string cheese, and a carb/sugar control yogurt (and of course, coffee).
I do not eat many carbs at breakfast and I stay satisfied until lunch.

hope it helps!

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4/7/11 2:02 P

Almonds or cashews, or for a home-made trail mix add just a small amount of dried fruit to control the amount of carbs/sugar.

Cheese sticks are good on the go, and individually wrapped.

Instead of reheated eggs, how about cold hard-boiled eggs? I peel them the night before & put them in a ziploc, very easy.

If you get one of those blender cups with a small whisk ball, you can make a protein shake in the morning without waking anyone up. I like using cold milk or coconut milk, protein powder, and crushed freeze dried fruit for flavor... just shake & drink.

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4/7/11 1:59 P

Not to be making excuses here....

But I'm on medication that makes me extremely drowsy for 10-12 hours. I'm not just being a lazy a&& when I hit the snooze, I'm physically exhausted.

To get 12 hours of sleep I would have to go to bed pretty much the moment I get home from work. That's just not possible.

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4/7/11 1:54 P

*Whole grain mini bagel w/ peanut butter and a fruit.

premake taco stuffing/ wamr in the morning and stick in a whole wheat tortilla...

*instant oatmeal

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4/7/11 1:43 P

I used to have the same problem. Now I make myself get out of bed. I'm not doing myself any favors by sleeping that extra 15 minutes. It takes 5 minutes to make oatmeal or scramble some eggs. I usually boil the water for my oatmeal while I take the dogs out for their morning potty break.

As far as easy breakfasts you've gotten a lot of good ideas. You could also try yogurt and a piece of fruit.

4/7/11 1:32 P

Maybe look into trail mixes (the ones without candy added). They are portable and not messy, don't require storage or heating. Nuts and dried fruit provide you good fats, protein and carbs. It is a small, and I mean SMALL breakfast (physical volume) but if you don't mind a smaller volume it may work well. They are meant to be easy portable energy sources.

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4/7/11 1:13 P

I absolutely love the luna protein bars. Usually I'll take the peanut butter flavor over any other, but their chocolate cherry almond is to die for! One of those and a cup of coffee makes me feel like I've been to a German cafe. On mornings when I'm rushed I'll grab one of those and a piece of fruit.

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4/7/11 12:45 P

Thanks for the ideas!

Not to be picky, but does anyone have something that does not involve eggs, or a lot of carbs?

I don't really like re-heated eggs, and I don't have time to make them in the morning.

I love peanut butter but when I put it on an english muffin or toast, I get way too many carbs. And peanut butter on apples is one of my favorite late-night snacks, but it's a little too messy for work.

4/6/11 5:26 P

I make a batch of quiche in muffin cups every Sunday night, then I just have to grab them and go each morning. I cycle to work and eat breakfast at my desk so I need something quick and filling. My quiche recipe is 1 cup skim milk, 4 eggs, 1 can drained tunna, fat free feta (1/2 cup maybe), then frozen spinach and corn, maybe some grated onion or onion powder. I bake them at 325 for 50 minutes in silicon muffin cups which are one of the greatest inventions ever. I keep them in the silicon cups and just bring the empty cups home each day from work. The quiche cups are good cold or hot. 2 quiche cups have 190 cals according to the recipe calculator. I have them with a slice of whole wheat toast and fruit.

Oh - the recipe above makes 10-12 cups (depends on how much veggies I put in).

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4/6/11 1:31 P

My quick breakfasts:

I add peanut butter to a lot of things when I'm in a quick mode. Its a healthy fat and good protein. Just don't go overboard :)

*Whole grain toast w/ peanut butter and a banana.

*I've made my own Activia ;) Yogurt and 100% juice mixed together- shaker cup or other. It actually tastes really good. I'll eat toast w/ it or alone. I do this when I'm feeling like a cold comming on :)

*Make your own muffins on the weekend- add a bunch of chopped apples, raisins, and nuts and use whole wheat.

*I've also made a bunch of breakfast sandwhiches (like egg mcmuffins) on a day, and wrap and freeze them- nuke for about 1 min and good to go. I just use whole grain english muffins and low oil/fat on stuff.

*You could cut up apple slices and dip them in pineapple juice or asorbic acid (health food store) to keep them from browning- dip in yogurt or PB.

*whole grain frozen waffles w/ pb.

*instant oatmeal( you can make your own on the weekends w/ a food processor)

*hard boiled eggs, a peice of toast and a peice of fruit.

Hope this helped a little.
Good luck

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4/6/11 1:22 P

I keep enough hard boiled eggs in the fridge to last me a week. I can peel and eat one in no time, and it usually keeps me full until lunch time.

4/6/11 1:20 P

I grew up my whole life never eating breakfast except on the weekends when it was lunch time and it was a huge spread. Now I cook my breakfast once a week and portion control it into small containers I can take with me and nuke wherever I end up at. My favorite is steel cut oats with quinoa and amaranth, throw some frozen berries in there and I am set for the day. Good Luck

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4/6/11 1:19 P

Prepare your breakfast the night before!!!
Scrambled egg whites? Then you just need to warm it up and go!

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4/6/11 1:16 P

I am not a morning person either. Jimmy Dean has a turkey sausage & egg white frozen breakfast sandwich that's good. I also like some of the protein bars. I can carry both to work and add a piece of fruit for a healthy breakfast

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4/6/11 1:10 P

My mornings are always rushed. I'm not a morning person and I have a hard time waking up on time. Some mornings, if my husband is home, I go into work early - 7:00 or earlier. If he's working early, then I'm responsible for taking our daughter to school. So I'm busy getting her ready.

I need some quick breakfast ideas with some protein in them.

On the early mornings, I can't use a blender because it will wake everyone up.

On most mornings (early and school) I bring my breakfast with me to work and eat at my desk. So it can't be something messy.

I will NOT resort to something like a Slim-Fast....besides that stuff tastes like sh*t.


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