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6/5/13 10:25 A

Oh noooo! That sucks majorly! I can't believe that they managed to ruin salmon (Seriously?!? How do they do that?).

I do hope that a list of the issues was given to the manager, as there is absolutely no excuse for serving crap. Seriously - what would they have done if you had broken a tooth on that squash stem? If I'd been the one with the card, I can guarantee that the manager would have been involved in the payment for the meal, and that there would have been considerable deductions from their regular prices as recompense for the problems.

I hope that you get much better choices today, and that it's a looong time before you have to go back to a crap chain.

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6/5/13 7:07 A

Well, Cheesecake factory was everything I feared it to be. Food and service both sucked, and likely nothing on the menu tasted good unless you're a fan of something dripping in butter

I went with the grilled salmon and not only was it the smallest portion of a salmon entree I've gotten from a restraunt, it was also the dryest. Tasted like the bagged walmart farmed salmon thrown under a broiler for too long which is probably exactly all it was.

I got assorted steamed vegetables on the side, and they weren't done at all. Not that nice steamed texture, they were still very firm and cold even (although that could be because we had to wait to eat) And I also nearly chipped a tooth because they LEFT THE STEM in the piece of acorn squash on my plate. That hurt biting into that.

9 of us. And they messed up 3 orders. We waited to eat until the corrections came out. I wish I was the one in charge of the card, just so I could have specifilcally tipped a penny to get their attention.

Dryest salmon ever. Threw me in such a bad mood. I can't belive they charge $18 for that farce

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6/4/13 7:43 P

That was the thing that angered me. The "skinny licios: is low fat and everything is covered in sugar. I'd much prefer something the other way around. Got to go. Gonna grab the salmon and hope for the best

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6/4/13 7:35 P

I've had their pork once, and wasn't a fan, but that could have been the one location. My father-in-law thought they were great (but he's the second least picky food person I know - my partner being the least!). I went with steamed broccoli instead of potatoes. They haven't managed to destroy salmon on me yet, but you are absolutely right that the quality won't come close to what you had last night!

As for the lettuce wraps, the carbs are mostly in the sauces. I'm allergic to peppers (which are in all of their sauces) so had them plain. I also ordered the chicken for them as plain grilled, so that dropped the fat on those. Actually pretty filling and I find sprouts really sweet, so I enjoyed them.

Apparently they have a "skinnylicious" menu or some such thing, but I haven't had a chance to try anything off of there yet.

If the server wants to give you a hard time about making substitutions, then tell them that you have food sensitivities (you do - you're sensitive to how they taste and how many calories are in them). I have found that they are really good about grilling meats plain for me and steaming veggies with no sauces because of my allergy (which includes ground pepper - which pretty much contaminates everything in a restaurant kitchen).

Good luck, and I hope it's at least a tolerable meal, if not enjoyable!

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6/4/13 7:18 P

Thanks,not a bad idea. I just had delicious seafood last night and I'm sure this won't compare in the slightest. But everything else on their menu looks like utter crap, taste and nutrition wise Seriously, they have 40+ carbs in lettuce wraps. How is that even possible? And grilled chicken entrees still somehow come with 50 grams of fat...

The other thing that caught my eye was the Grilled Pork Chops
"Center-Cut Chops Served with Housemade Apple Sauce, Mashed Potatoes and Fresh Spinach."

Obviously I'd ask for another veggie instead of the mashed potatoes, but I can't find any info on this option. I looked up a menu quick before we leave in 30 min. The applesauce is probably super sugary and I would stay away from it, but the other options are even worse. The salads are even garbage.

A filet mingon steak wouldn't be bad, but I feel the Cheesecake Factory would absolutely butcher this wonderful cut of meat.

I'm thinking toss up between grilled salmon and the pork chop right now. Thanks

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6/4/13 6:05 P

Thai lettuce wraps to start, followed by fresh grilled salmon as the entrée. I'm not a potato fan, so would ask for no potato but extra steamed broccoli.

If I remember correctly, their portion of salmon is somewhere in the 6 to 8oz range, so should be enough protein for you.

Hope you have a great dinner!

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6/4/13 5:51 P

Shoot, just found out we're going to the cheesecake factory for dinner tonight. Need some entrees that are healthy and preferably decent protein so that I actually feel full

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