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3/18/12 6:10 P

I think a bigger question is WHY did you fall off to begin with? I hit the gym 6-7 days a week and treat my workout as if it's a job. I don't get burned out. Now I might not always push myself really hard every day, but it keeps me focused during the day and not lose sight of my goal.

If I don't hit the gym then I have a tendency to be lazy on that day and don't eat as healthy either. I also think this has helped me stay on track and not fall off. I have been at this for 4 years now and don't think I could ever go back to the way I was.

Just something to think about!

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3/17/12 10:51 P

Guilt is a useful emotion for a few seconds. It should inform you that you might be breaking one of your rules. That is it. Next step is to identy what rule you are breaking, and is it a good rule.

If it is a good rule then why are you breaking it? That is what is going on in your world that cause the conflict?

If it is not a good rule then put energy into updating your model of the world and adjusting the rule so that you do not feel guilty for doing or not doing something that should not evoke that emotion.

We all tend to allow emotions to hold us hostage at time, and quite often just need to revise our models so that we can reduce the energy waisted on this.

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3/17/12 7:04 P


TRUST ME, you are not alone in your thinking, especially when you first begin your journey to a healthier you, but just know that the body makes the adaptation to exercise when you are not working out, so don't feel too guilty. However, if you feel like doing a nice easy walk or go for a bike ride that is fine, too. Life is full of activity that we don't necessarily have to track in our cardio tracker, but will be just as beneficial to getting us to our goal.

I wish you well!

Coach Nancy

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3/17/12 5:28 P

There's lots you can do, but the question is "should you'?

You should probably address the mental issue of feeling guilty if you're not at the gym. Why do you feel you "must go to the gym every day"? What drives that? Doing some form of exercise on most days is generally recommended, but you can go for a walk, take up a sport, dance around your lounge with some groovy music on. It doesn't have to be "at the gym" and it doesn't have to feel like "a workout"... :)

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3/17/12 4:22 P

So hey everyone after much of a struggle and getting back to doing for me I have made my way back to this site! Here my plan thus far I have been eating healthier and going to the gym every other day. My question is when I am not at the gym I feel guilty and like I could be doing something more. Is there anything anyone suggests that I can do at home on my days off?

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