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1/1/14 8:50 A

The Bowflex Treadclimber, Model TC5 requires no electricity, and has a much smaller footprint (only 3 1/2 feet long!), so I can comfortably put it in my spare room and still have space for other things. It's not exactly a light-weight machine, but the way it's designed, I can easily move it to another room if I need to.

I've had my TC5 for about a week now. My first session, I lasted 5 minutes - It's quite a workout! I'm now doing 15 to 18 minutes at a time, once or twice a day.

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5/8/13 9:24 A

yes, they are electric.

there are some home use belt treadmills that are manual, but from my limited experience they are very difficult to use.

are you looking for something that does not require electricity?

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5/7/13 8:05 P

As far as I know, almost all cardio machines require electricity.

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5/7/13 7:29 P

If you have a treadclimber I need to know if it is operated by plugging it in. I did not see any information on how they actually work.

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