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Have you set up your Spark plan with these goals in mind? If so, then give your body a couple weeks to adjust if this is a new plan and see how it responds. Getting connected with a Spark Team for support and encouragement will also be helpful as well.

Coach Tanya

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4/19/13 4:16 A

Hi :)
I'm currently in the midst of working out a 'plan' to stick to in order to lose weight aswell as get some healthy habits.

About me:
I'm 20, female, 176 lbs and 5'7. My BF% is around 27. My weight is well distributed and I have an hour glass figure so I don't store fat around my waist but I do have bit of a 'spare tyre' which I want gone! Aswell as slimming out my thighs and arms a bit and just some light general toning (I don't want an overly toned look, I would prefer a softer feminine look if that makes sense - but not too jiggly ha!)
My aim is to lose between 20-30lbs.

Plan of attack:
-Eat between 1200 and 1600 calories daily depending on hunger/gym days. I know eating not enough can hinder weight loss so I want to avoid this, but I feel my calorie deficit isn't enough by eating over 1400 calories a day?
-Limit wheat intake to around 1 serving a day (e.g weetbix for breakfast or a wholegrain wrap for lunch)
-Drink lots of water
-Eat more protein
-Exercise wise, get into the gym 3-4 days a week. 30 minutes cardio, 30 minutes strength training. I also intend to do 50 squats a day, and each month as I get stronger, increase it by 20. E.g month 1 = 50 a day, month 2 = 70 and so on (I won't go higher than 120 though haha and I intend to have rest days).

To lose around 3kg a month. I don't want to lose too quickly, but I also don't want to lose so slowly that I feel unmotivated (I know this is a lifestyle change and I want that, but I would like to notice some differences before 6 months passes if you know what I mean!)
By doing it at that pace, it would take me around 5 or so months to lose the weight. I feel like that's a good period of time to lose it and it not be too quickly?

Any opinions or suggestions?
Thank you xx

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