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Just remember that fluid ounces are a volume measurement and ounces are a weight measurement they're two totally different things.

I weigh my pasta before cooking it. It's too hard to tell with all the different shapes and sizes of pasta after you cook it. If you don't have one get a small kitchen scale, it's one of the best investments I've made! It was a cheap investment too, something like $15-$20 at walmart.


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6/22/11 2:38 P

The easiest way to do it is to weigh it before you cook it - took me a while to figure that out! :) There's really no dry to cooked conversion because different types of pasta absorb different amounts of water. It also depends on how much you cook the pasta - al dente is a little lighter in weight than really well-cooked pasta.

I would say that as a very rough estimate, 1 cup of cooked pasta is probably somewhere between 3-4 ounces dry, depending on what kind of pasta you ate. When I measure out 2 oz of dry rotini, I generally end up with about 1/2 c cooked, or maybe a tiny bit more than that. Measurements on pasta nutrition labels are generally listed for the dry form of pasta. The labels I see when I'm shopping almost always have see a serving size of 2 oz dry listed as 200 calories.

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6/21/11 12:37 P

Hi, This may be a really dumb question...but...
I'm trying to convert a serving size of pasta but the box is giving me a serving size as 2 oz.
I ate 1 cup of the pasta.

The calculator on the website wants to convert 1 cup to fluid ounces ( 8 ) which would give me 1600 calories for 1 cup of whole wheat pasta...which can't be right can it???

Please help.
Thanks. emoticon

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