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1/30/14 6:41 P

Thanks for the advice. I'll be seeing my doctor soon!


I may seem calm on the surface, but I'm really paddling like crazy!
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1/30/14 6:25 P

Welcome to the site!

I'd recommend talking to your doctor about what exercises are safe and what you should avoid based on your back issues. I wouldn't do anything that causes pain, so if the elliptical is painful, you probably shouldn't do it. If you feel like your legs are just weak, as long as your doc is okay with it, you could continue using it for small amounts of time, slowly building up as you get stronger.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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1/30/14 2:15 P

Hi All,
I'm a newbie here, who has been trying to lose weight on and off since I was three years old. Highest weight: over 500 lbs. Down to 250, now back up to 349.

I just got a present from DH: a combination elliptical trainer/recumbent bike. Because of my stomach, I have poor posture and a swayback. The elliptical I can only do for about 4 min before it wears me out. I can do the recumbent for about 15 min or so (this is after having it about 2 weeks, and I had to work up to 4 min on the elliptical).

My question is--should I wait on using the elliptical until my legs are stronger, so I won't hurt my back? Does anyone else have this problem? If I have to walk any distance, my back kills me. I know that part of the machine will make me stronger, but I want to make sure I'm ready for it. Thanks in advance.


I may seem calm on the surface, but I'm really paddling like crazy!
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