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TAMARAST1974 SparkPoints: (20,629)
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3/1/14 9:05 P

Thanks for the information, I never noticed this

KKLENNERT809 Posts: 10,742
3/1/14 1:38 P

I did not know this, thank you!

3/1/14 1:01 P

Thanks for the replies. I just read the FAQ on this too.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,301
3/1/14 12:57 P

You can track your fitness up to one week ahead, so that's why you're seeing such high numbers.

Coach Jen

EABHA70 SparkPoints: (62,065)
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3/1/14 9:32 A

Some people put in several days worth at once. That might be what you are seeing. I usually enter things ahead of time, at least one day. If I see it there, I have to do it!

3/1/14 7:29 A

OK, I think it is terrific that everyone is exercising, but how the heck do some people have over 840 minutes of exercise for the month of March under the Activity Tracker when it is the first day of March? Curious minds want to know...

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