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WILDFLOWER2011 Posts: 182
2/19/11 9:00 P

For baking or cooking, liquid stevia extract. For coffee, cereal, or anything else, Stevia in the Raw packets.

SALLYANNE0852 Posts: 870
2/16/11 1:16 A

thank you for the info on replacing the butter for pumpkin

1/14/11 6:39 A


ANARIE Posts: 13,184
1/7/11 11:53 A

Replace the butter with the same volume of pumpkin. In other words, if the recipe calls for 1/2 c of butter, use 1/2 c of pumpkin. But I wouldn't recommend replacing the egg with pumpkin, because eggs help the product rise. You could use EggBeaters or egg whites, but it might not be worth it. Calculate the nutritional content of your recipe with whole eggs and with egg whites, and see if the difference is enough to worry about. By the time you divide 1 or 2 egg yolks among 12 to 18 servings, the difference would be less than 1g of fat. Since egg yolks also contribute some nutrients that are hard to find anywhere else, you might just leave them in.

SALLYANNE0852 Posts: 870
1/6/11 8:38 P

i want to substitute pumpkin for eggs and oil.....can anyone suggest how much i would use of pumpkin in place of a stick of butter and an egg?

15THC_ODETTE Posts: 2,177
11/9/10 11:59 P

Molasses. You will have to adjust your liquid ingredients because molasses is wetter than sugar. Molasses is full of mineral, especially iron.

I cannot recommend any artificial sweeteners in baking, plus some should not be allowed to reach oven temps. I have not tried baking with stevia yet, but I use it in drinks. Sugar actually helps the browning, so any substitution you make may affect your products' final appearance.

LINDAW64 Posts: 945
11/3/10 11:32 P

When using truvia or stevia taste before adding the full amount. I found I could add less and not have that after taste.

FOASGIRL SparkPoints: (0)
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11/1/10 1:43 P

Thanks for the awesome information! Everyone here is so educated. So going to try all of these.

BRANDONSMOM26 SparkPoints: (8,934)
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Posts: 229
11/1/10 12:32 P

honey is fat free with only 60 calories so is agave. agave is also a low glycemic sweetener. i would stay away from the chemical sweeteners. besides being completely unnatural (despite what you see in their commercials) we have no long term testing on how they affect your body. we do however have test that conclude that consuming too much of the chemical sweeteners can actually distort your sugar sensitivity and make you crave it more.
applesauce is a great substitute in baking it can replace eggs or oil in dessert while keeping in all the moisteness, in most recipies you use the same amount of sauce as is called for with oil.

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KKFRENCHY SparkPoints: (0)
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10/30/10 6:59 A

truvia... I will try that, anything to help with the upcoming "baking season" I'm really hoping for something that my non-dieting family would not be able to notice the difference.

10/19/10 4:15 P

You might try Truvia. It's a mixture of the stevia leaf and something else. I've used it myself, but not in cooking. there's no bad after taste.

Also, if you want to delete some of the oil (and fat) from your recipe, you can swap part to almost all the oil with applesauce. Helps with the sweetening and makes recipes a little more moist.

FOASGIRL SparkPoints: (0)
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10/19/10 3:05 P

Thank you!

-POOKIE- SparkPoints: (318,254)
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10/18/10 4:30 P

Honey will change the texture as its liquid not solid, and it still packs in as many calories as sugar, just in another form.

Try just making the recipe with half the required sugar, it usually works out just fine, but cuts a lot of calories.

FOASGIRL SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 10
10/18/10 3:44 P

I make apple bread in the fall and I am looking for a good substitue for sugar other than splenda. I wonder if honey is good? Help!

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