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POOBEAR131 SparkPoints: (22,707)
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12/20/10 1:25 A

I'm glad I found this message board.

11/22/10 1:10 A

I graduated today! I've chosen to move on to Stage Two. I got my 25points & I'm looking forward to the challenges that will come with this new level. emoticon

CASSIOEPIA Posts: 18,107
11/5/10 12:16 A

You will receive the 25 points, but there is no automatic move. You get to decide when you move levels. And if you decide to move back to an earlier level, you can do that too.

Welcome to SparkPeople!

JENNILYNN7800 Posts: 649
11/4/10 11:12 P

I was just wondering, if you wait for the system to automatically move you to the next level, do you still get the 25 points?

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