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5/14/13 9:30 A

Thanks to you both. I'm beginning to think some of this is as much art as science. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon!

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5/13/13 3:16 P

when you weigh it depends on what info you are using. in other words, most of the foods in the tracker are foods in their ready to eat state [so cooked for most things]. so for those foods you would want to weigh them ready to eat [cooked]. if you are using the info from the package, then you should weigh those foods how they came in the package, because nutrition info on the label is required to be for the food in the as is state it is sold in.
for zucchini, i would weigh the zucchini raw and use that number. then i would add in however much olive oil you cook it in.
for the steak, since it was already cooked, using the cooked weight and the tracker entry is fine [so long as the entry you choose does not specify that it is for raw]. if you had info from the steak package, and the steak was raw in that package, then you would have wanted to weigh it raw so that it matches the info you have.

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5/13/13 3:13 P

Most proteins (ie meats) in the tracker are for cooked, unless it specifically says raw. So for your ribeye you would put in 100 grams.

Other foods though, like pasta, are in the tracker in their raw state unless again, it specifically says cooked. But rice, is for cooked. Gets a little confusing but you get the hang of it after awhile :)

For you zucchini, I would weigh before cooking but also keep track of how much olive oil you are using and enter that separately.

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5/13/13 2:52 P

So I bought a food scale and have just started to try to use it. I'm not sure though if I'm supposed to be weighing the food before or after I cook. For instance, for lunch this afternoon I had leftover ribeye steak - 100g cooked. Not sure what it weighed before I grilled it.

Also tonight I plan to prepare some zucchini ribbons and will sautee in a pan with some evoo. Do I weigh before or after? Some water will cook out of the zucchini when it's sauteed, but it will also pick up some olive oil.

The zucchini probably doesn't make a big difference calorie-wise in terms of pre-cooked vs cooked weight, but I imagine the steak would. Thanks in advance!

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