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4/10/14 8:20 A

I bought New Balance from Zappos online last time I bought walking shoes and I really liked them.

I wear a size 11 or so, and I live in an area where it's very difficult to find quality shoes in my size. Zappos doesn't charge shipping and they make it easy to return something you don't like. I hadn't really thought about trying on mens' sizes though, I might have to try that, as I'm due for a new pair also.

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4/10/14 6:28 A

I wear a size 12 W and I love a pair of reebok's that I bought a couple of years ago through Fingerhut. I use them only for exercising. They still feel great even after miles and miles of walking on the treadmill.

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4/10/14 4:11 A

brooks ghost model , I am on my feet all day and I have bad feet. They are a great shoe.

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4/9/14 11:56 P

I am a 255-lb, size 11, 40-something mom and I love Sketchers. I didn't want to like them at first since the brand seemed too "edgy" for my age, but they're comfortable, they last and they're reasonably priced. I buy the D-lites because they're very lightweight, flattering and super comfortable.
I should mention that I'm an RN and although my particular role doesn't demand as much walking and standing as others, I am on my feet a lot and I workout daily too.

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4/9/14 9:02 A

I was actually thinking in terms of Sportmart and other big box stores where you are basically on your own trying stuff on, If you go to your local running store and they actually help fit you or give you guidance, then yes, absolutely you should support them. However, if I walk into a big box store where there is no one in the department and no one helps me, which is frequently the case, then I have absolutely no problem with getting a better price on line.

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4/9/14 8:49 A

"You really do have to go and test out shoes to see which ones work for your particular feet, but if you find a style you like, go on line and see if you can find them on sale somewhere and buy a couple of pairs."

this is called "showrooming" and it is a very nasty thing to do, especially if you went to a local running store and they spent time fitting you for shoes. It is a much more decent thing to support the store that helped you out, and then buying future shoes online.

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4/9/14 8:42 A

I have size 11-12 feet depending on the shoe, and Saucony are by far my favorite shoes, because they've got a big toe-box but are not an allover wider shoe. You really do have to go and test out shoes to see which ones work for your particular feet, but if you find a style you like, go on line and see if you can find them on sale somewhere and buy a couple of pairs.

4/8/14 10:49 P

I'm only a size 10 but have wide feet too. I almost always get Addidas men's shoes but I also like New Balance. I've only been able to find 1 pair of women's shoes in the last 15 years that will fit my feet. Since they seem to put new ones out so quickly, I usually buy multiples if I find one that really works.

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4/8/14 7:17 P

I wear about a 10.5 women' not in the same range. But, I am a bigger girl, and hard on my shoes. I also need good support as I have bad knees and bad feet. I have been a fan of both Asics and Mizunos. As others have said, none of them will last forever. They are meant to break down over time-that's how they support you. But, you should look for their stability versions. Look for online shoe reviews in magazines like Runner's World for good advice!

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4/7/14 9:03 P

Ok I'm not a lady but I will still reply

1. New Balance has more size widths than any other running shoe especially wide widths.
2. They have extra cushioning brands also for heavier runners
3. Like others have posted though shoes are only good for 400-500 miles and maybe less for heavier runners depending on your usage.

Good luck

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4/7/14 3:11 P


Zorbie makes a good suggestion. Have you looked into men's running shoes or cross trainers ? If you're an 11 in women's, you should try on a 9 or 10 in men's. Whenever I go shopping for shoes, I've tried on women's and men's to see which suit my feet best. Because I have wide feet, I tend to favor Asics. but, I have also bought Brooks, New Balance and Saucony too.

Also, as a generality, I have found that men's clothing (shoes included) seem to be better made than women's stuff. You may find men's shoes more durable.

As far as going through shoes, I weigh less than you, but I change my shoes about 4-5 months. It depends how much mileage I have on them. I have yet to have a pair make it past one year. I can feel the difference. When my shoes have lost their support, my feet start to bother me. that's when I know it's time to ditch the shoes for new ones.

Do you have a DSW near you ? I've found good running shoes there if you're looking to save money.

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4/7/14 3:04 P

Oh I totally understand about the 4+ years thing. All I meant is that I'm willing to spend $70-80 on a shoe that'll last a year or so, OR more on a shoe that would last significantly longer than that. Some shoes do seem to withstand the test of time-- a couple pairs of leather Clarks I have are still going strong after years and years-- but I'm ready and willing to accept that athletic/running shoes just aren't going to live past about a year whether I spend $50 or $150.

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4/7/14 2:20 P

I agree with Zorbs. My (female) best friend is 6' tall and wears a size 11 (I think) in a men's shoe. Her running shoes are Brooks (which run about $100). She's very happy with them--way more so than she would be trying to fit into a women's shoe. I agree, too, though, that no shoes are going to last 4+ years without the cushioning breaking down.

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4/7/14 2:15 P

Well, my Vibram Five Fingers are still going strong; I bought them in 2010..but there is no cushioning to wear out.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,790
4/7/14 1:54 P

"unless you can introduce me to a shoe that won't wear out and lose its support cushioning for 4+ years while carrying around my well-over-200lb self."

Sadly, such a shoe does not exist... in any size.

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4/7/14 1:47 P

You should really look into men's shoes.

All shoes wear out between 300-500 miles. Even if the uppers still look good, the structural support and cushioning is gone in that time frame. The heavier you are, the faster shoes wear out.

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4/7/14 1:42 P

I like Asics as well though I've found I have to order up a half size (to 11.5B in women's) because they changed the cut of their shoes in the past couple of years. For some reason the placement of their arches on my long, skinny feet feels better than every other running shoe brand ever (I tried them all once). For fit/feel, you just have to try on a bunch of different shoes until you find the one that feels "right." A lot of stores are clearing out last season's models now so you might be able to find a good deal.

The support in all shoes tends to break down somewhere between the 6 month and 1 year mark, regardless of brand or use.

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4/7/14 1:05 P

I also have a pair of Asics and really like them. I think alls hoes lose that bounciness of how they feel when new pretty quickly - kind of like gum losing its flavor :-). I have actually found I like the feel of mens athletic shoes - they have a wider toe box, and of course come in larger sizes. A men's regular width (medium) is a woman's wide ("C").


FARENC Posts: 159
4/7/14 1:01 P

Hi ladies, I wear a women's 12 wide shoe (this is US sizing) and I'm researching new athletic shoes this week as my last pair are two years old, have about 500 miles on them and are ready to fall apart. They were Asics and okay in terms of fit/comfort but I'm hoping to find something even better this time around. I can spend $70-80 at the most, unless you can introduce me to a shoe that won't wear out and lose its support cushioning for 4+ years while carrying around my well-over-200lb self.

Any suggestions about what has worked for you would be marvelous! Thanks!

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