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11/25/13 7:24 P

I am not a Spark coach however I am a personal trainer so if I may add my thoughts. I think that you are spending excessive time on the elliptical since cardio is not the most effective exercise for fat loss and your duration means you are substituting time for intensity, thirty minutes is the outer limit for my clients.

I suggest you lose the crunches since they do not work the entire core and do planks and side planks instead. For resistance work try to exchange any isolation exercises for full body and compound movement exercises. I suggest since you only have the light dumbbells that you investigate a programme of bodyweight exercises which will give you better results.

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11/25/13 10:18 A

Thank you!

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11/24/13 10:33 P

As you mentioned, there isn't a way to target that area. The best thing for you to do is to continue tracking your nutrition and stay within your nutrition goals, along with a combination of cardio and strength training. There isn't a need to do a bunch of crunches though, especially every day or every time you work out. You should be allowing some time for your muscles to rest and recover between strength workouts in general. You may want to consider changing up your workouts, doing some different forms of cardio and/or add interval training to your ellipitical workouts. As you continue to do the same workouts, your body gets used to doing them and becomes efficient at it, resulting in less calories burned for those activities. Because of that, it is a good idea to do a variety of exercises to keep your body/muscles guessing and not just going through the motion.

You may find this article helpful as well:

Coach Denise

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11/23/13 11:59 P

I am eating healthy and working out and have actually increased my work outs in the past couple of weeks. I am now doing 50 mins on the elliptical, 5 sets of 30 crunches and 4 sets of 20 squats every time I work out. Then I choose from single leg lifts, donkey kicks, planks and different exercises w/ my 3 lb weights.

Here is my issue: All 3 of my kids ended up being c-sections (my youngest is now 2 and 1/2) and while I am noticing that most areas are starting to slim down, my belly over the incision area is still just as flabby as it was when I started. Is there anything I can do firm that area back up again? I know that I can't necessarily target that area, but I would like to know if there is anything else I can do?


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