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6/5/12 6:54 A

There is no reason to feel shame. Improving one's health is a gradual, step by step process. I think you will find that most members and adults include some "foods with few nutrients"--I know I do. The key is finding how much to include. With weight loss, since you are eating less, there is therefore less room to fit in these foods. I usually suggest dedicating about 150 calories 2-3 days a week for these type foods (thats about 500 calories for the week)---when eating about 1200-1500 calories daily.


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6/5/12 12:13 A

Thank you very much for taking a look at my food habits. My head is hanging in shame. I know that I need to be eating more healthy foods. One of my first steps in doing this, and to add healthy calories, is making fruit and veggie shakes. I'm adding spinach, cucumber, carrots, even broccoli and then a friut. Yes I still add peanut butter. I will have a hard time letting that one go if I have to. I think I save up my calories a bit so that I can still have a glass of wine or a dessert, so I'm leaving out the good stuff just to keep my calories low enough to have some bad stuff. Probably something to fix. Thank you for everyone's input. I'm planning to make changes that will hopefully become life long traits.

For my food diary I have just been adding food into the lunch section, but those are my meals through out the day. And a lot of them are generic, I will usually take something that seems similar to what I ate and add it. I would really like to get a body composition test done, I have a body fat % on my scale and it changes fairly regularly. Some days it say 26 and some days it says 29. Thank you again for dietitian guidance, I need it!

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6/4/12 8:29 P

There are likely to be several things going on here.

First and foremost, you might not have any extra fat to lose. Your Sparkpage says you're "trying to get ripped." If you're succeeding at that, your weight will go up. At 5'4", you're within the healthy range for weight regardless of your body type, and if you're muscular, getting down to 125 might actually make you less healthy, not more (and your body probably won't let that happen.) The best option would be to get a medical-quality body composition test to find out how much of your 135 is fat and how much is muscle, bone, and other tissue that you can't lose.

Second, how confident are you about the accuracy of your calorie counts? I notice things like the generic listing for hamburgers. The generic listing in the database is for something like a regular McDonalds' hamburger, the ones they sell for like 79 cents. If you're getting them at a cafeteria or making them yourself, they're probably 30-50% higher in calories. Wine is also easy to mis-measure or underestimate, and peanut butter is almost impossible to measure right-- it would be a very good idea to weigh that instead of using tablespoons, unless you're using pre-packaged single servings. Small mistakes in those foods could be adding up to a few hundred calories a day.

And, as Becky pointed out, a scary proportion of your calories are coming from low nutrition sources. Alcohol is particularly detrimental to weight control because it works like both a fat and a sugar, with all the negative effects of both but no vitamins or minerals to go along with it. More importantly, it takes up calories that you need for foods with nutrients. If you look at things like fiber and calcium, I'm guessing you're not coming anywhere near meeting your daily needs. There are some studies on each of those nutrients that suggest they're somehow directly related to weight loss, and they're also just vital for general, overall health. Think about restricting beer and wine (and candy) to weekends only and replacing those calories with real food, or at least with something like cappuccino or cafe latte which would give you calcium, protein, B vitamins, and lots of other bone-and-muscle-building minerals.

The fact that you're not overweight doesn't automatically mean you can't lose weight, although you need the body composition test to be sure. However, it DOES mean that you don't have any wiggle room with calories and nutrition. If you're malnourished, you're not going to lose weight. If you don't get enough vitamins and minerals, your body has to assume that it's because there's a famine going on that's limiting your access to healthy food. It doesn't notice or care that you're getting calories from other sources; it doesn't perceive those as food/nutrients. If you let it believe that there's not enough healthy food around, it's going to try to protect you by stockpiling fat, because famines usually get worse before they get better and it wants to be prepared for the worst. To get rid of those last pounds, you have to limit calories but convince your body that there's plenty of food. You do that by making sure your nutritional needs are covered every day. To cover all your nutritional needs while still eating less than maintenance calories, you have to make every last single calorie count. Eat everything you know you're supposed to eat and nothing that you know is not good for you for a month or two, and you'll probably start seeing some progress and you'll definitely improve your health.

6/4/12 7:34 P

I took a look at your food records, and I too believe you are eating too few calories. I would aim for at least 1400-1500 daily--based on the exercise you indicate.

But more importantly, did you realize that 25% of your calories are coming from foods/beverages with no nutritional value. Alcohol, candy, chips, oreo pudding, etc. That 1/4 your calories. You body is really missing out on major nutrients needed. This too can be a factor in your weight loss.

I assume you are clumping all your foods into lunch for the day??? Are you eating breakfast and dinner??

Dietitian Becky

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6/4/12 5:17 P

Thank you for your reply! I hope that you are correct because I really feel like I'm getting no where. I have tried to up my calories in the past and I gained, but I think I need to focus more on eating healthy foods.

Thanks again!

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You're undereating and your body is cannibilising itself.

Assuming female and an age of 30, your stats give a BMR of 1400. That means that, daily, you burn around 1680 calories just getting about your day. With a weekly average of 1750 exercise calories, that's another 250 a day or a grand total of 1930 calories.

You're in a healthy weight range already - near the top of it. This means you can very probably stand to lose a little weight and still be healthy, we're all individual. But since you're in a healthy weight range already, it's going to go slowly.

With a half a pound a week expectancy, you should eat 250 calories below that 1930 calories - or around 1700 daily. You're at least doubling that recommended deficit, and if you're closer to 1200 you're tripling it.

Failing to eat enough can halt weight loss and can even cause weight gain.

Try eating a more moderate level. It takes 1900+ calories just to maintain your weight - you will lose (albeit slowly) on anything less at all - so even eating 1800 calories daily would lead to weight loss for you. But 1700 or so as an average would be much more noticeable and would be much healthier for you than 1200-1550.

You just can't lose weight fast. Sorry. You're not fat enough to. That's a GOOD THING! :)

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In the past 6 months or so I have gained 5 pounds. I feel like I have been watching what I eat but I can't seem to get the pounds to drop back down. I'm at 135 and I would like to be at 125. I'm 5'4". I think I'm not being strict enough. I have not been using the fitness tracker but I do cardio and lift, burning about 1500 to 2000 calories per week. I am attempting to keep my calories at 1200 to 1500 per week. Still no weight loss. Please view my food diary and let me know where to make changes. It has to be what I'm eating because I work out nearly everyday.

Thank you!

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