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I would suggest that you continue to use your child's infant formula in the sippy cup for now. Only infant formula or breastmilk should be used until age 1.
At your child's 1 year check-up talk to the doctor to determine the appropriate substitute for cow's milk. This will somewhat depend on the variety of other foods your child is eating, the amount of protein coming from other foods, etc. At this age, much of the protein is coming from the infant formula/cow's milk. Soy milk would also be a higher protein beverage substitute. Your doctor may suggest an assessment by a Registered Dietitian to help determine what would be best.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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Cow's milk is the perfect food... for calves.
Goat's milk is a good alternative.
I don't know the nutritional profiles for coconut and almond milks as compared to any other milks (including human)... I'm sure I've seen those values on Google™ searches. I encourage you to do the same, and then pick some *unsweetened* milk and supplement it to compare with the composition of human milk. Coconut milk has some very good nutritional benefits.

The one milk I would NOT recommend is soy. It's not nearly the "health food" we're led to believe, unless it's fermented soy... and I doubt any soy milk is fermented! Soy binds nutrients in what you eat, which doesn't sound very healthy for child development to me.

Before I do much switching, I'd certainly consult with my pediatrician for his/her best recommendation. Good luck finding a healthy alternative for your weanling!

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A better choice is goat's milk; it's actually easier on the human body than cow's milk, and is closer to the composition of human milk than cow's milk.

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I just weaned my baby from the breast a month and a half ago, to bottle due to an injury in a car accident. Now I am having to wean her from the bottle (she is 11 months) and she is doing great with the sippy cup. I wanted to know if anyone knows of a good alternative to cows milk, that will contain enough fat ect. I am not a vegan, just prefer not to drink it, I drink coconut milk and almond milk myself. Is there foods I can give her to replace it?

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