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1/5/14 6:35 P

Becky---Since you are in Ohio, here is a link for a dairy we buy from on occasion when we go "back home". They also do not homoginize. Some stores do carry their milk. They also sell a skim.


P.S.--I forgot to mention they explain the process somewhat. AND---they sell it in glass jugs which I LOVE!

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1/4/14 6:33 P

fattening but tastes so good. Great coffee creamer also.....

1/3/14 5:48 P

This thread is not promoting raw milk.
As you follow the thread, one will see that that original poster has access to "pasteurized milk" (not raw milk); that has not been homogenized. This milk would be completely safe to drink.

Raw milk is a food safety concern and one needs to be educated on the certification program in one's area to decrease risk.

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1/3/14 4:02 P

I also love this stuff. It really keeps you satiated throughout the day! And it is delicious! I love real milk it is my favorite!

I've never had raw milk, maybe it is safe but I don't feel the need to chance it :)

1/3/14 3:53 P

hmm... I love raw milk. Drink it every day.

1/3/14 9:49 A

Thanks for sharing.
Growing up on a farm as a child; this was the type milk I was served daily from our Jersey cow (Annabell). "Loved IT!"


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1/2/14 7:54 P

it is not raw milk, they do pasteurize it, it's just not homogenized. they have been looking into expanding, and going into regular grocery stores, as opposed to just the local farmers market where they are now

1/2/14 5:13 P

Think about the variety of forms and amounts of fat that enters your body through the food supply: milk, cheeses, yogurts, meat fats, the fat in eggs, butter, margarine, vegetable oils, salad dressings, pastries, pies, bacon, nuts, seeds, etc, etc.

The healthy adult body tolerates, digests and absorbs all these different forms of fat just fine. Just because they have broken down the fat molecules (in homogenized milk) so it stays suspended in the fluid milk has nothing to do with the body's ability to handle the fat. Chemically the fat is the same. Chemically, the body knows no difference.

your SP Registered Dietitian

Is the dairy serving raw milk?? If so, I hope there is certification in your state and the dairy is following all safety guidelines.

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1/2/14 5:11 P

OMG, I remember my mom buying this type of milk from a dairy farmer! So Good! Is it Pasturized? Thas when it is heated so bacteria/parisites is killed. If Not is is Raw milk so be careful. UnHomoginized is not harmful. Truthfully, I was skinny as a kid and ate and drank Nothing diet, low fat or fat free! It seems its when I got into the diet/health craze the weight creeped up.

1/2/14 3:45 P

My roommate works for a local dairy farmer that sells whole UN-homogenized milk. It's awesome, it's in the old fashioned glass containers, and tastes AMAZING! My question comes in because of the fact that it isn't homogenized, this is the stuff you have to shake/mix, because the cream floats to the top (you should see the chocolate milk, made with real chocolate) ... I've had some anecdotal evidence that your body processes it differently, because the fat/cream isn't in the tiny little blobs it would be in regularly processed milk, and I know of some people who can't drink "regular" milk, but can drink this....

Can anybody confirm/deny this? Can anybody tell me any different? I've never been able to stomach skim milk, and whole milk before now has always been too rich for my liking, but this stuff is addictive. It's even helped me cut back on cream in my coffee... never did like milk in my coffee, always had to be cream, but I don't think twice about this replacing 18% cream in my coffee...

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