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ZABOKA Posts: 35
6/23/13 3:00 P

Sure. When I started, the range was about 1200-1550, which I assume was the lowest.

This week, it the calorie range is about 1380-1700. Generally, I have been consuming about 1450 in calories a day; with some higher, and a few lower.

I changed by; fitness goals, first to very low, then none - thinking the nutrition tracker would go back to the lower range,but it's remained at the higher range.

Thanks for your input and suggestion.

6/23/13 2:46 P

Your calorie range will not change, unless you change something with your program set up.
Like you entered your fitness plan, you changed your weekly weight loss goal, etc.

I suggest you stay with your current calorie range. Can you share the level?

SP Registered Dietitian

ZABOKA Posts: 35
6/23/13 1:10 P

Hello all!

I have a question about the nutrition tracker, and calorie allocations. I've been at this for about two weeks, and have lost about 6 lbs. I had the goal setter set to lose 2 lbs a week, with little to no exercise. To be honest, I am reluctant to commit to an exercise plan ... but, in my enthusiasm, I worked out more than expected, and tracked the workouts, but didn't change anything in the goals.

I know the rate of weight loss is more than ideal, BUT, I was also pms'ing / retaining water, and have a lot to lose, so I figured that weight loss would likely slow down.

Also, I"ll be travelling for the next couple of weeks, and was concerned about getting work outs in, so I have not changed my fitness - it's still set at very little exercise.

All that background leads to my concern and question: the nurtriition tracker has increased my calorie range. Is this because I lost at too fast a rate in these initial weeks? or is it based on the exercise I actually recorded (more than expected), instead of my currently set goal (with no exercise)? I think for the next couple of weeks, I'd like to stay at the lower range, but I don't want to slow metabolism or impair my long term progress -- should I be eating more at a lower weight?

I hope that wasn't confusing; I've looked around the site and didn't find quite the answer, and would appreciate any information or suggestions. Thanks for reading!

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