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6/30/14 2:42 P

Yoga is about so, so much more than jut stretching. If you ever do a class with an instructor, you know that you push your body to the limits! It can be very difficult. Stretching is just for stretching out those muscles. Yoga can be very intense, even up in the cardio range!

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6/30/14 10:21 A

As EABHA70 noted, there are different forms of yoga.

Also, there is a notion that yoga is just about increasing flexibility. This is a misconception. It takes quite a bit of strength we well as flexibility and balance to be able to stand on your head in the middle of the room with no support.

There are many other poses that require a lot of strength. So, when you're in a 60-90 minute class, not only will you be doing a series of poses that improve flexibility, you'll be doing poses that require strength and balance too. Take down facing dog, try holding that pose past 2 minutes without shaking. You need a lot of strength and stamina while you stretch your muscles.

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Many forms of Yoga do burn more calories than just stretching. But how many more depends on the kind of yoga. I've been in Power Yoga classes where you flow for 60 solid minutes, get your heart rate up, and tire all major muscle groups. I think there's an entry for Power Yoga in the Fitness Tracker. But then there's Restorative Yoga, which is basically napping...(I kid).

The Yoga (general stretching) entry is probably for a basic Hatha class. It's more active than the stretching you do after a workout (that's what I use the Stretching (flexibility) entry for), but not as challenging as Power Yoga.

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6/30/14 8:05 A

Curious: Why does Yoga (general stretching) burn more calories than Stretching (flexibility)?

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