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5/22/14 8:38 P

Maybe this will help to explain. Here is an example:

You need a certain amount of calories to maintain your current weight at basically a sedentary lifestyle. For many people, this is around 2000 calories daily. So you indicate that you want to lose 1 pound a week and you get a calorie amount of about 1500. So the deficit is built in at the beginning of your program. If you exercise---you have more of a deficit. But going "too low" in calories and creating a too large of a deficit can backfire---you aren't eating enough to allow your body to work at its full intensity--you become easily tired, lethargic, etc.

So while you may not need to eat back all the calories you burn through exercise---do aim for at least 1/2 of these exercise calories to be added back in. This will help you stay fueled and ready to go.

Does this help?

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5/21/14 10:10 P

Hello. So I have been a member of Spark for awhile now, though my usage has not been consistent. I am using it again after a long time and am really loving the Calories In & Out box on the start page and on the app's home page.

I understand the basic concept is that the more we exercise and/or burn calories, the more we get to eat. But I'm confused as to how this helps us build a caloric deficit, which I've heard is the key to actual weight loss. If I'm eating more (even though I've exercised enough to cover those calories), doesn't mean there is no deficit? And if I have exercised but it's not enough to cover the calories such that there is a "net" amount at the end of the day, does that mean I'm going to gain?

Is there a number that should appear next to "Net"? And, I know it's hard to know for sure because everyone is different, but roughly, for a person whose caloric range is 1200-1550, what should that number be?

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