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5/6/12 9:46 P

You didn't specify where the tendonitis was, but I am assuming your wrist. I have had tendonitis is both wrists at different points, common basketball problem. They recommend not using it for 3 weeks to allow it to heal and reevaluate if more time is needed. If you could work out the same muscles with different exercises it would be best. I myself have had it many times, so they recommend me tape my wrists with athletic tape to stabilize the tendon, then exercise and use anti-inflammatories if it flares up. I know this is what professional athletes do as well. You may want to wrap it up anyway after this, but make sure it is stabilized what ever you choose to do.

5/6/12 9:31 P

Okay, I am not an expert but I doubt you are allowed to do any weight lifting with brace on or off! You are trying to heal it and it takes time and you should not be straining it! I highly recommend you call the Dr who gave you the brace and ask what your physical limitations are and ask specific questions!
Good Luck!

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You are wearing the brace to protect your injury - taking it off defeats the purpose. You won't heal if the injury is being aggravated. You have a very weak area there that can produce a fracture - In my opinion I would exercise without the weight lifting...

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So I have been diagnosed with tendinitis. I have to wear a brace for the next 2-4 weeks. Does anyone know if I can take the brace off to lift weights or do yoga? I have tried to lift hand weights with the brace on, but it is uncomfortable and awkward. I just can't imagine not lifting weights for the next month.

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