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1/4/14 10:38 P

Tea is a much healthier option.. There are many anti-oxidents in tea that aren't in sodas, and even if the soda is diet, it CAN lead to eating sugary foods.


1/4/14 10:16 P

Tea is a healthier alternative to soda because it's all natural for the most part and contains antioxidants where soda has preservatives and even acid added to it. Most sodas can be used to clean household appliances, takes rust off nails, eats meat, and the acid can rip holes in your vocal cords if drank in excess.

1/4/14 10:11 P

I purchased some tea leaves and had a question. Is tea a much healthier option than pop? I ask this because I plan on substituting the tea for pop, but if there isn't much of difference then I probably won't bother. I don't plan on adding anything to the tea just soak the leaves in water to the desired strength and drink

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