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10/15/12 7:42 A

yes. unless the specific entry you are using states raw/dried/uncooked, everything in the tracker is for cooked.
if you want to use the info from your box, you need to enter it in, but you need to make sure you're weighing raw/dried/etc, as the info from the package is for the product in the as is state that it is sold in.

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10/15/12 4:21 A

Thanks for this - presume the same for all pulses? And rice, pasta etc?

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10/14/12 1:18 P

Thanks for the heads up!

NIRERIN Posts: 13,053
10/12/12 9:52 P

Food in the tracker is for already cooked unless that entry says otherwise. So yes, the .6 cup was for cooked beans.

-google first. ask questions later.

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10/12/12 9:13 P

Hello all,

I am confused about the amount of pinto beans I should be making for my meal. The recipe called for 0.6 cups of pinto beans but did not mention if that measurement was of cooked pinto beans or uncooked. I assumed it was uncooked but that turned out to be a lot of beans. Was my assumption correct or should it have been 0.6 cups of cooked pinto beans?

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