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MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,407
7/19/13 9:20 P

Honestly, I am surprised that you can't see the result of 5 inches down. That should be a substantial change and quite evident visually. Are you sure you aren't being your own worst critic?


7/19/13 1:26 P

Going forward (and maybe you are already doing this) I'd suggest taking some photos in a particular outfit—same each week/month/whatever. That way even when you can't see the difference on yourself, you can note how that outfit looks different

WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
7/19/13 1:01 P

.4% change is REALLY hard to see in pictures. That's less than 1% of your body weight.

Seeing that difference is going to be really hard in pictures.

And that put things in persepective for me, actually. Thanks.

SONICB Posts: 4,349
7/19/13 1:00 P

Wow, that is fantastic! Great work!

It could be that you are losing weight proportionally so that it is difficult to see your progress... Your overall shape may be the same, just smaller all around!

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
7/19/13 12:53 P

First, you are just starting. That progress is FANTASTIC, but unfortunately, that is how the process works. I remember about a month in, my pants were much looser (they had been skin tight) but when I was without clothes, I really couldn't tell much. It seemed INFURIATING!!! I kept looking at this saying.

It takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing
8 weeks for friends and family
12 weeks for the rest of the world.

In other words, your progress is fantastic, and I'm sure in some ways you really notice the difference, but it is just going to take more time to really notice.

I have lost 40 pounds. I can tell a difference in areas, but guess what? My body kind of looks the same, just smaller. I still have this excess fat here and there and I have a little more definition and such, but I know that it will just take time. At least I'm that much closer to my goal!

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7/19/13 12:51 P

It can be hard to SEE 6 pounds in photos. Just keep at it, those are GREAT Results.
I sometimes go by my belt, if I can move it over one more notch!!! I KNOW it's working.

I don't feel as much jiggle when I do jumping jacks, I don't get as winded as when I first started out, I can do more push ups, I can............It's not all about the numbers.


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7/19/13 12:49 P

Actually it has been a full 30 days... I said I have only been with sparkpeople for 2 weeks, but it has been 30 days since I started my new regimen.

Everyone else,
thanks for the support. I haven't lost my motivation, just need some reassurance. I was figuring 5 inches lost around my hips/belly would be at least a bit noticeable! I will just have to keep pushing and see what happens!

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CATCHPSU Posts: 481
7/19/13 12:32 P

Sorry, I just saw you took the measurements. Great job on those too!

CATCHPSU Posts: 481
7/19/13 12:30 P

First of all, GREAT JOB!!! Did you happen to take body measurements when you took the photos? I know I have trouble setting where I lost the weight in a picture. By measuring parts of my body, I can notice a difference.

When I started my weight loss journey three years ago, other people noticed my weight before I started seeing it on myself. Sometimes, it's hard to lose the fat glasses we see our own selves with.

7/19/13 12:16 P

It's only been two weeks! Talking about progress after 14 days is a wee bit premature.

Give it time!

7/19/13 12:14 P

Keep at it! Sometimes it even takes us awhile to see the changes that are there. You said you've lost 5 inches on your waist and hips. Those numbers don't lie. Keep taking pictures. Sometimes the small time frame (and ultimately, a month is small) isn't enough for our eyes to adjust—even with the evidence in front of you.

KWAY783 SparkPoints: (3,145)
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7/19/13 12:02 P

Hey all, so I have only been with sparkpeople for a couple weeks.
However, I have been eating cleaner and exercising for a solid 30 days (30 day mark is today actually)
Over the last 30 days I have lost 6 pounds, lowered my body fat percent by 0.4% and lost 5 inches in total around my belly and hips.

When I started on day one I took a bunch of photos, so I could eventually compare and see my weight loss visually, except that despite these losses I've had so far, my body looks exactly the same!

It's a bit discouraging, what are your thoughts/comments??


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