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9/4/13 4:46 P


Muscle is what is used in your body to hold that fat in place (for structure and support).
When you remove the fat, you no longer need that muscle.
So you will lose some muscle with weight loss---the muscle is no longer needed to support the fat that is now gone.

Hope this helps explain more.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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9/4/13 3:37 P

No, that's not weird.

If you weren't strength training you'd have lost more. Doing ST when losing weight does not build up lean muscle mass. When losing "weight" you will always lose both fat and muscle. Doing ST helps to minimise muscle loss so that you lose as little muscle as you can, but you still lose muscle.

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9/4/13 3:32 P

I don't know what it's called but she said it's a $2000 machine. I lay on a table and she attaches a few things to different parts of my body. She said it's extremely accurate. Have you heard of it? Is losing 16lbs of lean mass a lot or do you agree it could have been water? Thx again

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9/4/13 1:32 P

It's inevitable that you'll lose some lean weight when you lose fat, but strength training should minimize that. What body fat test did the person use to calculate these numbers?

Coach Jen

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9/4/13 1:00 P

thanks Coach Jen, Is it weird that I lost 16 pounds lean body weight? I have been strength training so I thought that my muscle mass would be higher. My natropath said that lean weight isn't only muscle tissue but that water is also counted under that. Here's what the machine calculated:

Fat Weight: 82.5 lbs
Lean Weight: 134.5 lbs

Fat Weight: 48.9 lbs
Lean Weight: 118.1 lbs

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9/4/13 12:50 P

The less you weigh, the lower your BMR is likely to be. I would attribute that drop to your weight loss, and it likely would have been greater if you weren't strength training and building muscle (which helps to boost your BMR).

Coach Jen

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9/4/13 12:31 P

I just got my body composition testing done using a very accurate method. The results showed that my basal metabolic rate is now 1630 cal/day. A year and a half ago it was 1856. Should I be concerned? Is this very low? Did it drop because I lost 50 lbs and 9% body fat or did it drop because I was on a low calorie diet too long? I work out a ton and weight train, isn't that suppose to raise it also? My lean weight also dropped 16 lbs. Fat weight, thank God, is down 34lbs. Any advice or explanation is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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