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JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
10/15/12 6:53 P

If you're already getting your 10K steps on a regular basis you might set a somewhat higher goal for yourself (assuming you're looking to add activity to your life) such as 12 or 15K steps X-number of days per week.

I don't think you need to add 10K steps on top of all the running about you're already doing.

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10/15/12 6:11 P

This is the first I've heard of people not counting their normal activity. I do know of some people who do not count their exercise as part of their goal. I count both exercise and normal activity. Really whatever works for you. The goal is to increase overall activity.

I think it is really the normal activity throughout the day that is an issue for me and a lot of other people. In some studies (sorry no references off hand) there can be a tendency for people to move less outside exercise on days they workout. When I first started wearing my fitbit, I kind of noticed that for me--my steps were about the same whether I exercised or not. Just one the days that I did cardio, I was more sedentary outside exercise. On the no exercise days I moved around more running errands, cleaning, etc. So I like to wear mine all day to be sure I am just as active outside exercise so on cardio days I actually try to get more like 15,000 steps and on no exercise or strength training days 10,000 is good.

Really whatever keeps you moving and motivated. There don't seem to be any specific universal rules to when you can wear your pedometer.

ORODEO73 Posts: 527
10/15/12 10:26 A

I don't include my normal daily routine into my steps because I want to do more than my normal. I know its included, but if I get up and walk to the copier 50 times, then I get most of my steps. So, I would rather know that my steps are from things not my norm and I push to make them worth the numbers. In the end, I know what I average at work or otherwise and see how many I do in a day.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
10/15/12 10:09 A

my fitbit is on from the time that i wake up to the time I go to bed so I count each and every step. Nice thing about the fitbit is that when I do go out and do my walk at lunch or exercise it also computes my activity level and bumps up the calories burned.

10/15/12 8:05 A

I don't count my daily-living steps. In fact, I don't even put on my ped until I take my evening walk. But this is because my job requires me to sit at a computer 8 hours/day so when I do move, it's briefly (to the printer, etc.).

There are some peds that will measure your areobic steps v. your daily-living steps, but I wouldn't worry about the distinction at this point in your journey. You sound quite active already!

N16351D Posts: 2,349
10/15/12 5:08 A

A step is a step no matter where it takes you. It takes my husband four miles to walk 10,000 steps a day. He stands all day at work, so it has been really good for him.

Keep up that walking! You sound busy with kids at home....

MOTIVATED@LAST Posts: 15,408
10/4/12 1:24 A

Yes, it does include you normal daily steps.

And given 2 feet is a VERY rough guide to step length, walking 2.2 miles each day is about 5000 steps, I wouldn't be surprised if you go over 10,000 steps easily.


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10/4/12 12:51 A

I have a question about the 10,000 steps program (and it is probably the most stupid questions so feel free to laugh at me).

Does this program include your normal daily activities? Like if you walk to the bathroom and it take 25 steps does that count? Or does it have to be 10,000 steps done during active exercise?

The reason I ask is because I have been wearing a pedometer for the last 3 days and I seem to be way over the 10,000 steps without doing too much other than what my usual day requires. I am a SAHM so I am running around 2 kids and I do walk my daughter to school each day which is about 2.2miles round trip (so I know that adds up the steps).

I will get a better scope this weekend when there is no walking to school but I just though I would check if I understand it right emoticon

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